Erin McNeil; Loop Draft 2

Here is the second draft for the loop project.  The rhythm makes it difficult to put actual words to the music and makes it even worse when you try to add Spanish to it.  The Dochtermann taught me about the idea of punching in and out for audio recording as well as how the quality of the equipment and idea can result in a good final product.   The logic lesson helped with figuring out how to plug in a mic for recording and the editing that can be done for vocals, such as altering the sound of it.  Overall a lot of editing still needs to be done as well as re-recording the vocals.



7 thoughts on “Erin McNeil; Loop Draft 2

  1. I like the changes I agree with bpaynewe maybe if you whisper the vocals it would sound really cool, but you should also raise the vocals so they do not get lost in the mix.

  2. You are really progressing with this song! I definitely think you should add some sexy Spanish words though! It’ll spice this song right up! Maybe try to whisper them? But this song is definitely coming along. I like the harmony you added at 1:08 as well, or is it overlap? Either way it sounded cool!

  3. I really like the orchestra part you put in there! The mascaras work really well and so does the fade at the end of the song. The vocals were sort of lost within the instruments but other than that, I really like the vibe of your song.

  4. The horn and vocals were a nice addition. Maybe just a put simple plugin that works for you on the vocals and get them in sync with the beat like he showed us in class today, and you will be in good shape.

  5. The vocals were really quiet. I could see you doing a cool effect to your voice to make it stand out on its own as an instrument of some sorts.

  6. The beat and vocals sound a little quiet but otherwise both fit together pretty well with the rest of the loops you’ve used for your piece.

  7. I would maybe turn down the horn at the very beginning. I like the maracas a lot and think they work really well with the rest of the instruments. Good job on putting vocals in as well!

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