John Stanesa Loop Draft 2

I tried to add some more content to my song in this draft. I think that the new instruments I added make the song more interesting. I would still like to work on the transitions, so that the parts do not feel so choppy.

I did not use the reading for this section, as I have yet to record any original audio.

7 thoughts on “John Stanesa Loop Draft 2

  1. I really like the new instruments you added into this section, they really flow with the song and give it a sense of “togetherness”. Great work.

  2. I really like the transition at 1:09 and how the outro sounds. It will be interesting to hear how you will add vocals.

  3. I like how upbeat your song is! Its cool to hear you incorporate different sections in your song. The sudden drop from the beat at around 1:04 is a little awkward but I think you could fix that by taking out the beat from where the piano part first comes in at 1:00. Overall great job! Looking forwards to the final product!

  4. Cool beat, however there’s a lot going on, maybe try cutting down on some of the tracks. It’s starting to feel cluttered. The piano by itself and the drum beat is pretty dope itself.

  5. I love this. My favorite part is the constant drum? beat throughout the song. Really works here. I personally don’t think the transitions sound too “choppy”. Good luck with the final product.

  6. I like at 1:00 till end, where the sound of harp (I think…) came up and mixed with drum and the weird sound. Also the outro of this song is interesting. Put bell sound right before the song ends and end with only with sound of bell. Nice work! I really looking forward to hear with vocals.

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