Mike Black Loop Draft #2

As you may remember from my first draft, I submitted a funky-jazz tune that was a work in progress. Well, I ended up scrapping that piece and started fresh (1 a.m. this morning), using some sounds that express a more laid -back, relaxed vibe. Currently with my new draft, I have an Intro, and a 16-bar Verse that leads into the chorus. I had no clue what to do for vocals, so after some reccomendations, I decided to break out my pen and pad and begin writing with the chorus on cycle mode. My voice was a bit scratchy when I recorded my vocals, so a plug-in was much needed (ended up applying a telephone voice-over plugin).

Moving forward, I have some change-ups that I want to add, along with a few other sounds before I begin final EQ/mixdown. The vocals I have now are temporary, so I need to finish writing/recording, and then focus on polishing this track up.

From the Dochtermann Chap. 2 reading, I’ve learned to properly label each track and arrange them in proper order, preparing them for final mix down. It was also cool learning about microphone techniques and acoustics, and how sound quality makes all the difference in a track. I look forward to getting more deeper into the mixing aspect because that is where I feel I need the most coaching (I am never satisfied with my mix, and I want to learn how to make my tracks have that full/wide sound.


7 thoughts on “Mike Black Loop Draft #2

  1. I dig this, I liked your first draft but this is a really cool change. I can’t wait to see what you do to the finish product. When you do your final mix just make sure the vocals do not get lost in the mix.

  2. I love your voice in this song! It definitely adds that secret, slow type of feel to this song! The only suggestion I have would be maybe for you to have added lyrics earlier in the song. But other than that, great second draft! Look forward to hearing the final!

  3. It is indeed relaxed and laid back. I found myself bobbing my head to the beat. You’ve worked the vocals well into the piece!

  4. The lyrics go perfectly with the beat. Perfect flow. This is definitely some walking around at night music.

  5. Sounds sneaky, like strait out of a detective drama. The vocals work really well with the beat and I was seriously disappointed when the song was over, I wanted more. Excellent job and I can’t wait to hear the final version.

  6. The vocals were really, really good. The telephone plug-in seems to be a really good choice and the lyrics were very good as well. It sounds nothing at all like your last draft but I think I like this one more. Great job!

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