Joe Cheeks Loop Draft 2

My music did not really change, but i did do some more mixing to the track.

The Dochtermann helped me with some Eqing for the vocals and the pianos.

6 thoughts on “Joe Cheeks Loop Draft 2

  1. I like that voice in the beginning! It makes the song sound more official! I also like the piano that you added in at 0:28! It definitely fills out your song more! I definitely think you should add some lyrics to this! Definitely rap or maybe spoken word! At 3:04 I love that ate transition! I think you should maybe also try to switch up the earlier parts of the song with other transitions so that it’s not too much of the same thing!

  2. It has a very powerful sound. I think the sound at 1:16 was a good transaction for your next part. Can’t wait for it with the lyrics.

  3. I can see this as a mainstream r&b/hip-hop kind of song. It had a nice mix overall, and I enjoyed the switchup at 1:19 & how it closed out the track.

  4. It was really rad when the drums kicked in in the beginning. Very powerful. That remix part in the middle and close to the end was a great way to change things up and kinda calm things down. It sounds like an actual song that could make it on the radio or something.

  5. It’s pretty long and I honestly forgot I was listening to something for class after a couple minutes. That was probably because I didn’t notice anything really out of place or anything. Everything seemed to be in the right place and it seemed very natural. I like it.

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