Kala Bowling – Loop draft 2

Before this class, I never even thought about recording myself, or putting my voice in a music track. I’m more of a woodwind instrument kind of gal, so I never had the opportunity to learn anything about vocals.

The┬áDochtermann readings and the Logic Lessons helped me understand what it takes to be able to record and to produce a track and also how to actually do it. I always thought that someone just sang into a mic, and it was automatically into the track. I never knew how much more in depth you’re able to get with vocal recordings. I hope with these lessons for voice recordings I’ll be able to make myself sound like a professional. Good luck to me on that one.

In this track I wasn’t able to include any vocal tracks, however I do have what I plan to say (or sing, should I dare to attempt it) figured out. The ending is also a bit muddled. But I’ll smooth that all out once I actually record the vocal bit.

8 thoughts on “Kala Bowling – Loop draft 2

  1. I like this song a lot, besides for the beginning. I don’t know why but the beginning through me off for some reason. Other than that great song!

  2. I really like the tone of the song and how you added the guitar part. The addition of the piano sounds great, but the transition at 00:26 feels a little off. Maybe you could try keeping one of the back beats going for a little longer, and then fade that out for the piano solo.

  3. I love the timing of your additions and great beat. I would add a drum kit when the guitar comes in.

  4. You song has a nice modular feel to it! What I mean by modular is that I can really hear the separate sections working and building off from each other. You could really do some really cool things with vocals. I look forwards to hearing your finished product!

  5. I love the outro you have going with the guitar and piano. The only suggestion I have is maybe play with the initial addition of the guitar to the piano at around 39 seconds. Curious and excited to hear vocals with this. Best of luck with the final product!

  6. When I hear the beginning of the music, I kept thinking of background music of video game. Nice flow from piano to guitar. I love that spot ­čÖé I wonder how you going to put your voice into it. Nice work so far!

  7. This is almost something that belongs at the beginning of a dramatic TV show and I want to see where the vocals are added in to this. Great melody so far.

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