Rachael Lee – Loop Draft #2

The logic lessons were helpful because I learned how to record and punch in/punch out. Chapter three taught me how to color audio tracks, which was fun to play around with. It also taught me more functions so I can edit my song with greater detail and add more texture. The Dochtermann chapter was a good read because I learned about the proper steps of recording and its technical side. The most important thing when you’re recording music is to know your instruments.

In my second draft I was able to extend it and create an outro, so now I have: Intro, Vers 1, and Outro. I find it difficult to find a place to place lyrics, but I think a rap would be better than a vocal part. I still have a lot of work on the lyrics and touching up loose ends.

My voice…. I love it so…

11 thoughts on “Rachael Lee – Loop Draft #2

  1. Love how slow and mellow this song is. I can easily seeing you write some nice poetic lyrics and rap them smoothly over this track. Great work!

  2. I love how chill your song sounds! The lyrics at the end definitely made me chuckle, and I almost felt like you were about to rap. At the end, the transition into your lyrics were great, I loved how the beat picked up. The transition at 1:05 feels a little off, but overall, great song!

  3. The vocals are really well mixed with your song! I really like the flow of the song . nice work

  4. Still such a cool track, and great use of vocals. I would try to make the transition around 1:00 smoother, it seems off.
    Also, being meta in music is a little strange, though comedic. Try changing the lyrics near the end.

  5. Yes I love the vibe of your song! I also agree with the other commentors that you should totally rap along with singing in your song. Your transition into the 1:18 section was really clean and on point. From 1:18 to the end was my favorite section in your song! Great job!

  6. I like how there’s a little “pause” where everything gets calm and quiet before your ending/outro. Really nice touch. Nice job!

  7. The vocals are really well mixed with your song. And I love the section 0:57-1:03 where only bass guitar comes out. You should rap more 🙂 I love it. Nice work!!

  8. I really dig the laid-back vibe on this. The vocals at the beginning fit very well, and I think you should go ahead and add that “rap” to close your song out.

  9. I like the vocals a lot. Around 45 seconds or so I got a really strong Nujabes vibe, which is really cool. Super relaxing and enjoyable.

  10. I really like the filtered and modified vocals you have added into your project. The recording seemed relatively clean and you seem to know where you want to go with this song to a certain extent.

  11. The vocals at the end were certainly a surprise! I liked the little part just before the end of the song. Interesting way to end such a slow piece.

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