Terena Chao – Loop Project Draft 2

For my second loop draft, I decided to start from scratch. The reason why is because I felt that my first draft did not have any place for proper vocals. In my new song I set the bpm to 100 which I found to be a comfortable pace to sing at. I went for a more softer approach that would allow me to create a melody to sing in it. My vocals started as a piano melody that I played and tweaked here and there until I finally found a tune that I was happy with. The piano melody served as a placeholder for a while until I had the time and courage to sing it. The logic lessons really helped me understand how to record my vocals and properly integrate them into my song. I decided to hold off on any cool plugins because I still need to decide on my lyrics. I’m currently working on some lyrics right now but as of now they are not completely ready. Overall the whole song still needs proper mastering and mixing.

In the readings I learned that there is so much more to consider than just recording. On page 26 of the Dochtermann, he mentions that room setup, microphone techniques,¬† equalization/compression, signal processing, and mixing/mastering tips are all crucial to creating a high quality recording. On page 28, Dochtermann also brings up the term “punch in” which is a technique to allow musicians¬† go into a previously recorded track to record over and correct mistakes. I think that this is a really handy tool that allows musicians to achieve that quality sound that they can be happy with.


8 thoughts on “Terena Chao – Loop Project Draft 2

  1. I could tell this was going to be a great “chill” song from the beginning. Great drums with the (violin) I think, they work very well together. LOVED the voice! Great job on those vocals.

  2. I really like this track! I totally understand your need to overhaul your song so that you could add vocals, and you did a great job of doing just that. At 00:58-00:59 your voice seems to break off just a little. You should try to edit that with either a punch in or editing the vocals directly in logic pro x.

  3. I really enjoyed listening to this. The guitar and Orchestra fit really with with each other. Keep up the good work!

  4. I would wait a little longer to add the strings. Give the primary beat some time to develop.
    Other than that, great vocals and a great track!

  5. The strings in here are a great addition. They really add to the calming mood of the song. Love the vocals, you have a really nice voice! Can’t wait to hear the finished track with lyrics added in!

  6. I like what you did to it. I think the vocals sound great. It seems to flow along with the rest of the song! Can’t wait to see what changes you’ll make for the final draft of it.

  7. I love how guitar and orchestra go together and suddenly orchestra disappear and fill that space with piano. This song makes me to relax and calm. I really looking forward to hear final project. Nice work!

  8. I really enjoyed your new track and it almost made me think of something I would listen to in a coffee shop or after a long day where I just want to rest. I am interested to see how the vocals turn out but so far your recording is stellar. Keep it up.

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