Terena Chao – Live Project Draft #3

For this draft I mostly played around with the song structure and how I wanted to lay the song out with the softstep. The song structure is currently Intro >> Chorus1 >> Break >> Chorus2 >> Outro. Vocals are in the works and will be present in the live performance. For this song I realized that there isn’t a part that really allows for lyrics so for my vocals I will just be vocalizing.

For some reason I can’t seem to access the Live 8 lessons linked on the syllabus. Every time I try to open a page it just shows me numbers like 3132, 33, and 34353637383940. However I am still able to see the Dochtermann and Huber chapters. I never knew what MIDI stood for so Huber Chapter 9 taught me that it stands for, “Musical Instrument Digital Interface”. Also the MIDI cable has 5 pins that each represents what signal is being passed through.

4 thoughts on “Terena Chao – Live Project Draft #3

  1. I love the shakers that you incorporated in your piece. I love how you layered your guitar sounds. The 2nd guitar bit ends a bit suddenly though.

  2. I really like the synth at the beginning, I just wish there was a bit more low end to complement the rest of how killer it is. I like the guitar with the amp or distortion effect you seemed to use on it.

  3. The guitar is a little too dirty for the rest of the song. Try dirtying up the beat to match the guitar.

  4. I love your guitar in this song. I hope you’re going to be able to play it live! You switched your vocals with your guitar playing in this song! I like it

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