John Rowley Live Draft 3

This is so hard. Live is crazy. I finally got the hang of logic and now none of that matters. My “performance” is going to be laughable a train wreck. I’m not expecting to wow anyone. I’m with Max on the caffeine and self loathing. The live lessons helped. Youtube tutorials were the real MVP though. I was very interested in the DJing live lesson, the tempo change and track warping.

2 thoughts on “John Rowley Live Draft 3

  1. I like the kinda jazzy bass or guitar that’s in the beginning. Also, I love your transition. It went from like a jazzy to a hip hop beat,which is really cool! Nice job!

  2. I really was not expecting that like of transition. The levels in the first part of your song didn’t really match the second part of your song; I wish it was a little louder.

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