Dominique Giles [ Live Project Draft 3]

First of all, this is like ten days late.

Huge mistake on my part. Still feel like the need to complete/post it though.

For draft 3, my song was like 70% complete. I had come up with the lyrics and such and done a rough demo. But my vocals for the rap part are way off. There were also a few hiccups in the tempo area. At this point I was still a bit unsure if I was going to present the project live, but after some time in the lab and assistance with the mic I went ahead and decided to do so.

4 thoughts on “Dominique Giles [ Live Project Draft 3]

  1. I really like it amd how you did the telephone part, the vocals kill it. So funny to hear you talk more than you do in class. Killing it for sure!

  2. I love the lyrics, bested me with your vocals! The lyrics are great. It seems to get off track near the end, however.

  3. I can’t believe the completely opposite direction you’ve gone with this project! Still sticking with the techno type gamey sound. But with your vocals! Not expected.

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