Sepehr Sobhani – Loop Project Draft

Very rough draft of my piece. Needs serious mixing and mastering. I will also add some more audio audio tracks.  Solo and the end needs to be re recorded. Overall it is pretty boring right now. Pretty bad. The readings for this course have been very beneficial to my understanding of music and whole. The readings did a good job of explaining what basic song structure is. The microphone technique lesson was also very helpful to me.

8 thoughts on “Sepehr Sobhani – Loop Project Draft

  1. This piece definitely was captivating, I actually had trouble picking whether to pay attention to the music more or the speech going on. I really enjoyed both, and I think the music does a great job on building upon itself! I really feel as though the synth solo at the end is leading into this grand finale, but it doesn’t quite happen… Maybe an intense outro where everything comes together would be a nice addition?

  2. I love the intro, the vocals take you in and make you interested in what’s being discussed. I agree with the others that it adds a dramatic feel. I think the vocals are definitely the focus for the first half or so, though I enjoy the shift around the two minute mark, I think it’s a good yet subtle build to the solo part coming in at the end. Overall this is built very well, I’m looking forward to your final.

  3. I think the intro was very cool and grasped my attention. I enjoyed your song. I think it would be cool if you added maybe more bass or some drums to give it more of a beat. Regardless, I think highly of this and I enjoyed listening to it.

  4. Yeah I thought the discussion kind of took away from the song. It has this very cool, ambient vibe to it, but it is overshadowed by the interview, albeit an interesting one.

  5. I really enjoyed the feeling of the song and appreciated the economics aspect brought in with the Greenspan discussion. I found myself focusing strictly on the dialogue until the two minute mark where it felt more balanced between the dialogue and the music.

  6. Lowering the volume of the sample might help a bit, but overall its really interesting and dramatic.

  7. I enjoyed the song, but i feel like the audio track of the guy talking took away from the piece. I found myself paying attention to what he was saying rather than the musical elements itself.

  8. I have to say I was much more interested in the discussion going on in your song than the actual song. I really enjoy people talking over music because it makes everything they’re saying seem super dramatic. I’m just not really sure what the purpose of the discussion was even though it was interesting.

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