Logic Song Draft

Here’s what I have of my Logic song so far. I’m still not exactly sure where I’d like to take this but I’ll figure something out. I have a few other ideas that I’ve started separately, but I’ve made the most progress on this one. Maybe I’ll incorporate some of my other ideas. Anyways, as far as Logic lessons go, learning how to quantize and use the piano roll editor has been a huge help in keeping my parts clean and precise. I’ve also started digging into automation, compressors, and changing EQ levels. I haven’t been able to do much of that on this song yet, but at least I’m starting to get familiar with it.

3 thoughts on “Logic Song Draft

  1. This is great!! The transition could be slightly smoother between the two parts you have so far, but that somewhat tranquil vibe to the really intense synthy, heavy part works really well! I like the two sections being in such a juxtaposition with each other, because they sound really cool back-to-back, but the transition needs a little smoothing. I think another couple sections to build off your beginning will make this piece great!

  2. This seems like a really good start. I like the heavy hitting base, and the distorted melody is definitely cool and interesting to listen to. I might add in another section or two, but you seem to have already had that idea based on your entry.

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