Mitchell Logic Draft

Definitely still very much in draft form. This has been a lot of different things in the past few days but i think I finally have sort of a direction I want to go with it. I really like the acid house sort of synth, so I did kind of a slowed down take on that. I I’m definitely going to make a few changes but since I have an idea of what I want now its going to be a lot easier. The readings really continue to help with automation and just navigating all of the features in logic

3 thoughts on “Mitchell Logic Draft

  1. So the blogs cut out on me in the middle of listening to this, but I’m liking what you’ve got so far! It cut out right before what I think was your second section! The intro is really engaging and I really enjoyed the marimba/vibey riff you used, until about 30-50 seconds in or so, and then I find myself waiting for something to be added on to it, like a little lead, vocal line, or chords. I definitely found myself getting into the groove, but I really think a few new sections, more of a build up in your intro, and vocals are going to make this sound really great!

  2. The song really gets going around the 1:30 part, maybe bringing that closer to the beginning, would do this song justice! Other than that im excited to see the final product!

  3. This is cool sounding! The synth almost has a sort of really faint techno/water-drop echo to it. Or maybe I’m just crazy. Anyways, nothing was playing until the 1:53 mark. I’m excited to see what you add to this though!

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