VBeazy Logic Draft 1- S.S. R. Wishes

Here’s the first draft of my logic project! I was really inspired by my favorite poet, Shane Koyczan, so I wrote a poem which I’ll be recording myself reciting. I also will be including a shaker, some bass ukulele, and some vocalization. I’m really excited to see this piece through. Right now, I only have an intro, verse 1, and a little bit of a bridge or hook. I’ll be recording very soon and then I really look forward to using what I learned from the reverb and delay reading.

2 thoughts on “VBeazy Logic Draft 1- S.S. R. Wishes

  1. Very pretty. The piano sounds really nice. The strings do kind of drown it out though, and since the piano has a little more motion to it I think it’d be nice to keep it more audible. All in all a very relaxing piece, I’m excited for the finished product.

  2. Nice and calm piece! The violin(I think) came in hard. If you can soften that part up so it is not as loud, I think it would be great!

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