Ethans Loop Draft

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 1.43.30 PM

I used the technique of foreshadowing song elements that will appear later in the song at the end of my intro. I also used 2 synths and went back and forth between them in the verse. I ended the song with a sustained piano note similar to tutorial. Lyrics for the song are a work in progress.

8 thoughts on “Ethans Loop Draft

  1. I LOVE the beat and the snapping along with the bass. This song has a really cool groove to it, I can’t wait to hear once you’re finished with the lyrics!

  2. Really chill beat going on, if I had a complaint it would be that you’re setting the bar high. Really excited to see what else you create this semester.

  3. Awesome beat! It sounds like a smooth hip hop tune, very relaxing, but still upbeat. Loving the piano intro/outro!

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