Brian Goulet – Loop Draft

Brian Goulet first loop

I created my first loop by using a calm piano as my base track and then introduced a simple Trip Hop beat to bring in the vocals. This project turned out to be a little more emotional than I had anticipated, but I really felt like experimenting with the mood and recorded whatever was in my head. Fair warning – I scream into the mic for added effect. The Apple Pro Lessons provided a great walkthrough that showed me how to use the loop presets as well as adding effects to each track, I highly recommend going back to it. This is my first time using Logic Pro, so I’m kind of excited that I now have an excuse to rap and sing this semester.

8 thoughts on “Brian Goulet – Loop Draft

  1. Well done, I think the way you dropped all of the background noise out when you did your singing ad yelling. I think this song has great potential just needs to be a little longer, but it’s definitely a great start!

    – Easy E

  2. This was extremely creative! I love the way you mixed the soft instruments with the beat. Your vocal contrast sounded really awesome! Great job!

  3. This song was incredible! All you need to do is lengthen it and then add lyrics to keep it form sounding to repetitive.

  4. My only complaint is that I wanted to here more. 1:05 wasn’t enough! But really I loved it. I liked the fact that it was emotional. And the And the fact that it was a simple tune, yet really had a strong impact says a lot.

  5. Really great job with the vocals!! So clear, I’m jealous! It’s also a nice contrast when you scream and then sing softly; it also fits nicely with the mood of the tune. Can’t wait for the finished project!

  6. I really liked what you did with the instruments and how your vocals are mixed really well. I can here what you were saying clearly and I think everything blended very well. I liked the effects you used and I look forward to listening to the whole song

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