Loop Project – Brooke Preas

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This was my first time ever using Logic. At first, I was very intimidated by the program, but the lessons assigned for class helped me learn how to use it properly. I have played multiple instruments over the years, but I have never really learned that much music theory, so going over all of that in the readings really helped.

This was also my first time attempting to compose any kind of music. The outcome of this project (at least so far) surprises me. I thought I would end up sounding similar to the kind of music I usually listen to, but it turned into something very electronic. I cant say that what I have created so far is exactly what I had in mind when I sat down to make it, but I hope it evolves into something I really like by the end of next week.

5 thoughts on “Loop Project – Brooke Preas

  1. Really nice beats! And the mix with piano was awesome. I was personally not a fan of the piano sample it almost felt out of place for me. That might just be me though lol everyone seems to like it a lot. Otherwise I thought it was mixed very well and the beats were really good!

  2. This song was great! I liked it a lot. You could make due with panning some of the tracks though and maybe try to keep the drums from being overpowered and shoved back in the mix when a lot of other elements are added.

  3. I love the combo of high pitch piano notes and techno beats! awesome job! Maybe some vocal loops could give the track more depth. I can’t wait to hear the vocals on the track!

  4. We have similar taste in hip hop piano beats, I see! I really like what you did with yours. Nice techno beat and usage of chords!

  5. Its amazing how this is your first time using Apple loops and that you can make music that sounds just like the professionals. Just a suggestion for you maybe you can try turn up the piano….in the middle you had small playing of piano I couldn’t really hear it.

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