Gabe loop draft 1

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 4.14.01 PMScreen Shot 2017-01-30 at 4.14.42 PM

I call it: Cumbia de Loops

as usual, I have many sections that kind of flow together. I think I’m getting better at it; I think this is definitely an improvement from previous compositions, but still need to work on that. also I need to add vocals in the other sections. sorry mark its 4 minutes, but I know u wanna dance to it eh?!? also be sure to listen with headphones, the apple speakers at least, suck.

7 thoughts on “Gabe loop draft 1

  1. I definitley like where this is going it sounds to me like its a mix within itself which is a cool concept for the song. However I also hear some off tempo moments with some tracks, as well as some not so smooth transitions. I think that the transition around :40 is one of those transitions. I think that you do a good job though incorporating multiple instruments and sounds into the song though.

    -Easy E

  2. Fucking loved this dude. I really liked the flow personally and yeah it seemed a little out of key at points but I think that might of been done on purpose? I get electronic music vibes from this and that makes me happy. Honestly, maybe the third transition around 240 could use some work. It felt very out of place in comparison to the rest of the feel.

  3. The beginning made me really happy, but that instrument that comes in on the 0:25 does not seem to be in the same key as everything else. And throughout the rest of the song the loops are not in the same key. I see where you’re going with this song and I love the layout of it, it’s like a journey. I feel like it would sound so so cool once you get everything in the same key! 🙂

  4. I couldn’t really figure this song out but I do know that I enjoyed it. There were a few time where the tempo seemed off (whatever loop you added around :30 really seemed to make it lag) but, again, I am not to sure that is a bad thing. There were a few rather sudden transitions that maybe could be smoothed out, but for the most part I like it.

  5. I have to say I love the different elements included in this track! I think the funky piano could probably be quantized to flow better, but your lyrics give me so much life! Maybe the vocals (in the beginning) could have more effects to fit in better with the techno/dance/electric sound you got going. I do like the transition, with the harder bass! Maybe more high sounding to give it more spice 😀

  6. I think the transitions work out really well and I love the vocals, a mi me gusta bailar mucho! My favorite was the beat that starts off around 2:07 and transitions back and forth to a funky synth. I also enjoy the bongo beat around 3:17 that plays for like a second and maybe you could incorporate it more to other parts of the song.

  7. Loving the carribean vibe that transforms into all sorts of things! I love your vocals! *cue chicken noise* Also, it is 4 minutes yo…haha other than that, it’s great! I feel like your transitions are smooth! I’d like to hear more of the section at the end towards the beginning!

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