Elias Ingea – Loop Project

So finally figured out how to get access to this site…. And I am a computer science major lol. Either way, so this is my first draft and I am not the biggest fan. I didn’t want to create something so housy¬†even though that is one of my favorite genres. The only reason for that was so that it wouldn’t end up being too hard to write lyrics. I am going to keep working on making the beats and the melodies seem fuller. I did get a lot from the readings/tutorials in that I learned how to mix things a lot better and I learned how to control volume properly. I was mainly relying on trying to get timing down but now it has gotten a lot easier after learning proper volume control.

1 thought on “Elias Ingea – Loop Project

  1. Nce work man, definitely has a house feel to it! I personally wouldn’t mind a little snare or something else to go along with the high hats opening(first heard at 4 seconds). Also I like the loop that comes in at 4/5 seconds and you do a good job at fading that out at around 50 sec, but maybe consider bringing that one back in a little later in the song, I just like the bounce to it.

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