Cruisin- Ethan’s Final Loop Project

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Alrighty guys I have finally added some vocals to this thang! I kinda have an old school flow for the verses and some singing and harmonies for the chorus and bridge. Definitely pleased as to how well I was able to record them, shoutout to Alex for helping me in the studio. I edited some of my previous automations, and instead of using different tracks for panning I used the automation settings and switched it from volume to panning to get smoother sounding panning. I also added some extra instrument loops to spice up some things in the background, as well as giving emphasis to certain parts in the 2nd verse. The readings  definitely help me automate and mix my song better than what I originally had.The readings also helped me write almost a story with my song and that can clearly be seen in the first verse, and my bridge is a clear summary of my song which is crusin. I also used compression and reverb on some vocal tracks as well as reverb on some instrument loops.


Verse 1

Long Nights and I’m cruisin in the whip
hop in my o3 volvo it’s a stick
seat reclines and my seatbelt clicks
bouta get it in, keys turn now lets dip
1st gear to 2nd man that’s easy
one day ill have myself a supercar i will be 6 speed
my speed exceeds the speed limits that I see
but I love the pedal to metal feeling under my feet
got the music blaring feel the base boom
rubber burning tires turning zoom zoom
love the backroads driving down the flumes
shoutout tail of the dragon the road of doom


Cruisin is this the thang for me
i love cruisin in my car at higher speeds
acting like i got a place to be
speed limits aint got nothin on me
windows down and I feel the breeze
Im just cruising cant ya see

Verse 2

driving fast staying focused is the goal
I got the waze app to avoid police patrols
I don’t think it safe for me to drive slow
slow driving puts me to sleep and im not drying to dose
off off to sleep off the road this rebel kind of lifestyle is the lifestyle that I chose
for myself and no one else
and when I feeling low. guess what cruisin helps
the part I love the most is the the thrill
high speed driving takes a special kind of skill
I have the skill ,yeah I am the real deal
I feel like the man of steel when i get behind the wheel


Cruisin Cruisin Cruisin ohhhh


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