Final Loop Project – Brooke Preas

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My Song is called Float Away. Since I submitted my draft, I have added and changed a few things. I added automation throughout and a new loop. I also added vocals, which turned out to be the hardest part of this project. I am not a fan of singing in front of people and the idea of having to listen to myself sing along with the whole class made the whole process of writing lyrics and recording them difficult. I am not a singer, but I think I did the best with what I had.

Like I said when I submitted my draft, all of this is very new to me. I have always played musical instruments, but have never explored the world of composing my own music. All of the logic lessons helped me out with learning how to use the program, but I think the reading that I found the most useful was the songwriting reading from week 2. I spent a lot of time listening to music the past few weeks. I’ve sat down with now distractions and listened to my favorite songs, trying to figure out what made them my favorite. I found it strange that my end product for this project ended up sounding nothing like the music I usually listen to due to this.


The ground below

is dragged in tow

by cold waves

I float away.

Sing 2x

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