Loop Project Final – Sam Trudeau

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This song was challenging mostly due to the parameters of having to primarily use loops. Once I came up with some cool ideas with loops, I realized I didn’t have much of a song rather a lot of musical ideas crammed together. I then moved things around and cut out some parts to make things flow better.

The most challenging part about this project were the vocals. I’m not very good at singing, so I had to do a good bit of pitch correction and editing to make them sound somewhat decent.

The readings helped me use Logic more efficiently. I already knew how to do a majority of the things that the readings explained, but having picked up a couple tips and tricks from the readings made the whole process go smoother.


Taking a new step into unknown

Hiding from my past and from my home

I now know why I’m so far from you

This is my only time to move on

I’ve come so far from my lonely past

Every day I see reasons to live

Now I’m my true self for the first time

Take in each breath and smell every flower

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