Damon Abelton Live Draft 1

I feel like I just started making beats in logic again. I think I will slowly get used to the way things work in Abelton but this song sounds very elementary as of now. I started the song off by simply playing the chord progression on piano. I then realized Abelton does not have many sounds so I went with the first keys sound I could find. Right now the song is just a bunch of sounds that COULD possibly¬†work together. I haven’t really arranged it to my liking at all, I’m still trying to figure out my drum patterns. For the drums sounds, I used samples that I previously downloaded and dragged them in. I’m not too sure on how to make my own drum kit in Abelton yet. The weird lead sound/melody will probably be taken out just fyi. The pad sound in the chorus section was actually a sample already preloaded into Abelton that I thought was pretty cool so I just played it in key with my chords.

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