Dominique Giles [ Final Project – “All Will Be Fine”]

Final project.
I fixed up a few things from draft two and made an ending. Added lyrics as well.

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Dominique Giles [ Final Project Draft 2]

Draft 2.

Not much of a change from the last draft. Corrected some of the notes and added in a drum beat I created. Decided to continue on with the lullaby idea. I wont be playing the ukulele anymore, I didn’t manage to find time to figure out the soft step like I planned to. I will however be triggering the clips in Ableton and singing live. The song still needs an ending and some final touches. I’m working on that now.

Dominique Giles [ Final Project Draft 1]

This was suppose to be a happy lullaby sort of tune.
I had planed to make something I could play with my ukulele and like perform live with the soft step. But everything took such a sad sounding turn. I might still try it with the ukulele and like process it so it sounds more fitting?

Theres still a lot of work that needs to be done here. I know for sure some of the notes are off in some places and I really feel it needs a steady drum when the guitar comes in.
Also I totally had to relearn how to use logic. After using live I went back and was so lost.

Dominique Giles [ Live Project Final – “Basic Phone Call”]

This was by far the most out there/ridiculous song I’ve done.

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Dominique Giles [ Live Project Draft 3]

First of all, this is like ten days late.

Huge mistake on my part. Still feel like the need to complete/post it though.

For draft 3, my song was like 70% complete. I had come up with the lyrics and such and done a rough demo. But my vocals for the rap part are way off. There were also a few hiccups in the tempo area. At this point I was still a bit unsure if I was going to present the project live, but after some time in the lab and assistance with the mic I went ahead and decided to do so.

Dominique Giles [ Live Project Draft 2?]

This is really difficult. Like I’m sure I’ve said that before about other assignments/projects but oh my god. I had gotten so use to Logic, so something different is driving me crazy.

But I’m really determined to figure all this out. Along with the lessons in Live I’ve been diligently searching youtube and gathering info.

For this I basically used session view to sort of “sketch” a bit of a song. I created several clips and combined them into several different tracks. Clips were created using a mix of instruments from live and some from a pack I downloaded. I then played around, launching the tracks and eventually recorded a pattern I liked.

This is a really rough draft, it’s basically just the outline. What I want my song to feel/sound like. Im still missing a lot. Specifically real sections and some sort of harmony to bring it together.

But I kind of like the sound and overall I feel like I’m heading in a good direction.

Dominique Giles [ Live Project Idea]

For this project I’m going with the video game theme once again. But this time I’ll be attempting something a little different than my first song. It’ll be a more cute/happy theme with this track. A some what “Animal Crossing/ Mario” sort of feel. I really want it to have an 8-bit/chiptune sound. Luckily, Max For Live seems to have a few devices specifically geared to this. I’m sure I’ll be able to find some game sound samples to incorporate as well.

My plan is to perform my track live. Like maybe trigger in different sections of the song in session view, I guess. At first, I was really interested in using my PS3 Controller as a MIDI controller. After spending the majority of the weekend looking up tutorials and playing around I managed to connect it. Shortly after I realized a wii controller would be better suited to my needs. There’s software made specifically for this purpose and it has more control features. My weekend wasn’t a complete waste though, I did learn a lot about Max For Live devices and programing.

I also want live visuals to go along with the different song sections. Something cutesy and fitting. Not sure If I’ll manage to add that in. Depends on how well everything else goes.

Dominique Giles [ Logic Project Final – “Rainy Day” ]

1. 12 or more tracks – Yes ( 14 tracks)

2. 3 tracks of recorded audio, 1 of which must be you singing/rapping or speaking – Yes ( 5 tracks [4, 5, 6, 7, 8] )

3. 2 tracks of MIDI you perform – Yes (2)
Chorus Piano Melody ( track 11)
Piano Harmony (track 12)

4. 2 tracks of MIDI you Write in – Yes (3)
Verse 2 piano (track 13)
Verse 2 Marimba (track 14)
Verse 2 Xylophone (track 15)

5. 2 tracks of MIDI you in which you use step input – Yes (2)
Vintage Doppler Synth Melody (track 17)
Ultra Beat (track 16)

6. 1 Example of Tempo change – Yes

7. 3 Examples of instrument automation – No (2/3)
Chorus Piano Melody (track 11)

Verse 2 Xylophone (track 15)

8. 3 Examples of track automation – Yes
Piano Harmony [mute] (track 12)

UltraBeat [volume] (track 16)

Hidden Message [volume] (track 1)

9. 3 Examples of effects automation – No (none)

10. 2 Examples automation performed by mouse – Yes (3)
Verse 2 Xylophone (track 15)
Hidden Message 2 (track 9)
Chorus Piano Melody (track 11)

11. 2 Examples of automation performed by controller – No (none)

12. 2 Examples of automation written in – Yes (2)
Piano Harmony mute (track 12)
UltraBeat Volume (track 16)

13. 1 Arpeggiator example – Yes
Vintage Doppler Synth (track 17)

14. 1 delay line example – Yes
Verse 2 Marimba (track 14)

How the readings influenced/ impacted my Project: 
The Logic lessons were probably the most help during this project. There were a lot of things I wasn’t sure how to do this time around. The detailed instructions and photos were a big help. Specific lessons include: Logic Lesson 6: Creating and Editing MIDI which basically gave me a crash course in MIDI making, Logic Lesson 9: Mixing & Logic Lesson 10: Automating the Mix which both gave me mixing tips and explained what automation was and how to use it.

Final Thoughts
I’m kind of fond of this. I was going for a silly sort of cheery song and I think I managed that. I’m really happy with my lyrics as well. It took me a while to come up with something. I feel like my mixing isn’t as good as it could be. There’s parts that still sound slightly off. I’m a bit iffy on my vocals as well. Regardless, I’m still proud I managed to complete this assignment.

Dominique Giles [ Logic Project Draft 3 ]

Attempt #3
Unfortunately, there’s still no vocals. Scrapped my first idea for lyrics/vocals and I’m now back to square one. Hopefully spring break helps inspire me or something.

What’s new here is the over all length and song structure. Song is now 1 minute and 44 seconds. Really happy about the intro and outro. Not sure if I’ll keep the middle as it is. I also added in new drum and synth tracks. Drum beat was created using ultrabeat. Synth melody was made with retro synth.

I still have a lot to do here. Especially in the mixing department. There are levels here and there I’d like to play around with.

What was most beneficial to me this time around was not the reading but the in-class demonstrations. Specifically the one’s explaining ultrabeat and the various synths.


Dominique Giles [ Logic Project Draft 2 ]

Attempt #2.

Apologies for the late post. Last week was a bit of a mess.
Anyway, for this draft I played around with some Chords. Specifically F and G. I like the sound alternating between the two makes. At around 32 seconds I switch from just piano to piano and marimba as well as make an octave change.

Still don’t really have much structure going on apart from the possible intro, verse and maybe pre- chorus.

Didn’t get around to working on vocals like I wanted to. So for the 3rd draft I again intend to have some in there. As well as a finalized structure maybe?

Reading wise, again Logic Lesson 6: Creating and Editing Midi  provided me with the most assistance. The piano roll editor really is a blessing.