Erin McNeil Final Project Final Draft

This is the final product from this project, I am pleased with how it turned out and am proud to post it to this blog and say I tried my hardest on creating this song.  It is a major departure from what I normally post for a project.  The logic lessons were the most helpful for when I had forgotten how to do some effect in logic.  My understanding of the music creation process has grown and I now appreciate how much work goes into creating a song.

There are:

27 tracks total

3 Midi tracks

11 vocal tracks

1 tempo change

More than 6 automation

Erin McNeil Final Project Draft 2

Here is the second draft, I still need to adjust the volume and panning on the vocals.  I also am planning on adding at least a rhythm section and maybe some guitar.

Most of what I have been pulling from is what I have learned from the earlier half of the semester and prior knowledge.  This piece is inspired by many different songs, mostly whatever pops up on my pandora station.

Erin McNeil Live Project Final

The live project overall was very difficult, between learning a new program and figuring out what I was doing with the song was an experience.  It was enjoyable to be able to use the lyrics I had originally planned on using for my first song, I had liked them alot.  Ableton Live’ s help section with tutorials taught me everything I need to complete and present this song, there were also some very helpful youtube videos on how to use it.  There were lots of them but some of them had things that were covered in the built in tutorials or the voice overs were like Charlie Brown’s teacher.

The requirements:

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 10.06.54 PM


14 tracks

4 recorded tracks

4 vocal tracks

3 tracks of midi performance( tracks 2,3,4)

3 tracks of midi write-in(most of 6,7,10)

3 tracks of midi step input(rest of 7, 10, 11)

4 tracks of automation

3 tracks of instrument automation

At least 4 effect automation

3 automation performed by mouse

3 automation performed with controller

More than 3 automation written in

Arpeggiator used

Erin McNeil Live Draft 3

*oops forgot to hit publish…..

This is my third draft for the live project.  It has been difficult to figure out how ableton fits together, even with all the help resources, if you change the tempo of a song and not unclick the warp option then you end up cutting off parts of the transferred audio for vocals.  I of course figured this out about ten min before this post so no vocals added yet but they’ve been recorded just not quite edited into the song.   Also the change of instrument options has caused an interesting change to the feel of the song from when I was using logic.

Erin McNeil Final Project Draft 1

So far what I have is a basic structuring and am trying to fit lyrics into it and will layer more instruments and clean up what I have now.  My previous songs, mainly the second and third, were not in the same music genre as this is looking to be, so this is an experimentation on trying something new.


Erin McNeil Live Draft 2

The first audio clip is the majority of the melody in live with the filters that I think sound good, the midnight and los angeles.  The second audio clip is the melody without any filters just piano and the chords that I plan on using as well as the instruments I am considering using. The lyrics originally were going to be used on my first logic project but I ran into issues with fitting the lyrics in with the song style and tempo.

Live is a new program for me so the most helpful thing that has influenced the way I am composing this piece comes from the built in lessons in the live program itself.

The lyric are mostly finished but I still may add one more verse, there really is not a chorus but more of a refrain that changes a bit with each verse. Lyrics:

As the sun goes down,

And goes out of reach

Under the evening sky

Stay with me. Sway with me.


As the waves crash down

Upon the sandy beach

Under the rising moon

Sway with me. Dance with me.


As the morning comes

Under the early light

And the rays are bright

Sway with me. Stay with me.


Erin McNeil Live Idea

After looking through Live’s layout it seems similar to logic and user friendly, for the project I do not plan on  doing a live performance.  I had lyrics planned out for my first Logic project(but did not use them) and I plan on building a song around them after I edit them some so that they fit.  Now that I have figured out what my planning process is I now I need to start with lyrics first or else I will not be able to fit them in.  The song style has not been decided upon but will most likely be in a similar style of my last project or like Phildel’s album “The Disappearance of the Girl”.

I plan on doing the vocals myself and possibly adding an audio recording of my flute if I can get it fixed in and shipped back to me in time for the final project.  My aptitude for using the guitars that are available is zero, so most likely any guitar part will be done with midi.

I would like to figure a harmony for the vocals once I have the basic vocals written up.  Having the vocal lines written in midi on a piano helps me obtain a consistent quality of vocal recording and allows for me to see what a harmony line or octave transition would sound like without having to try and do vocals acapella.

Erin McNeil Logic Final

In the picture below there are:

Markers on the sections (Intro, V1, Chorus, V2, V3, Chorus, and ending)

20 tracks total, the vocals recorded make up 8 of the tracks, most vocal parts are doubled or tripled with varying affects added to each track set, markers are included,

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 6.20.13 PM

tempo change is shown in picture below: Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 5.51.38 PM



track 11, 12, and 13 are step input,

tracks 15, 16, 17, 18, and  20  are performed,

track 01, 08, 14, and 19  are written in,

arpeggiator is used in track 18, 19, and 20,

automation with controller was used in tracks 18,  20(volume), and 12,

automation written in was used in all vocal tracks ( 2-7 and 9-10),tracks 14-16,

automation by mouse was used in tracks 20 (pan), 19 (pan), and 14 (pan),

track automation was used with volume in tracks 04, 07-12, 14-20 and pan in 19 and 20

instrument automation was used on tracks 01, 08, and 15

effects automation used on tracks 19, 13, and 14

The logic lessons helped teach me how to do the automation, and various input methods  that I used in creating this song, as well how to change the tempo (Lessons 6, 7, 10 were the most helpful).  The Dochtermann readings helped me figure out what type of mic I was using (3) and how to use the EQ and limiters to mix the vocal tracks so that the frequencies heard were clean (6 and 7).


Erin McNeil Draft 3

So, this is my third draft, the mixing on vocals need some work and maybe another recording in some cases, but this is the over idea of a song that started with.  Due to the time restraints put on the song time limit I had to take out a rather large portion, including a verse and chorus repeat along with speeding up the song over all.  I still need to go through and edit and add some of the requirements for the final project.

The reading for this past week(chapter 11) was helpful, it rough to mind and gave me a specific list of how to handle mixing for the song, it made me realize how much more work I have to do before my song is done.

Erin McNeil Draft 2 Logic

In this second draft I have finalized the instrumental intro and the piano for the vocal “intro” as well as what the chorus will sound like on piano.  I hope to add a harmony line in piano, in with the vocal once that has been added.  I am also trying to figure out what type of rhythm instrument to use, so far nothing seems to fit, I am open to suggestions.  The logic lesson 9 and Logic lesson 10 has helped teach me how to use the automation and adjust the compressor and limiter plug-ins.  Some of the music that has influenced this song is Circles by Greta Svabo Bech and both the original and the  remixes of Say My Name(OriginalOne and Two).