Faith’s Loop Final

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Here is my ugly baby I am throwing into your faces. This class/project has pushed me so far out of my comfort zone, which is a good thing! The final is completely different from my draft. I wrote my lyrics after my draft and the mood did not fit my lyrics. This is my first completed project using Logic and the readings were extremely helpful. Especially the readings on recording. Before this project I had no idea how hard writing a song truly was. I really struggled coming up with a melody to go along with my lyrics.

Don’t Take My Love


You were hurting and weak

Alone, you cried, couldn’t speak

Asked for somebody to carry you right over the peak

Dragged you up on my shoulders

Fought your demons with you

All at once shoved me back – said I’m finished we’re through

Saying goodbye – I’ll handle that

Telling me lies – you know I’ll handle that

Throw your sticks and your stone – I’ll put up my shield

But I can’t forget your choice – you lead my love into danger


Don’t take my one true love

You’ll break my one true love

She needs her one true love

You need real true love


God where are You now

Said You’d always be beside me

Fighting my battles when they were so close beside me

Be my right hand

I wanna fight with my hands

My bones are aching from this mental picture at hand

Be her protection in the valley of the shadow

Deliver her from the fear of the fowler

Command Your angels to be her guard and her shield

I’m calling on You to help her momma be healed


Chorus 2:

God take my one true love

You’ll heal my one true love

Show her one true love

In You is real true love


Faith’s Loop Draft 1

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Today is the day I post my very first Logic Pro X project ever! I chose to go the funky route. Throughout this project I found myself getting frustrated because there were so many options and I struggled finding what went well together. The Apple Pro lesson was a great source and doing it help familiarize me with Logic. The step by step information along with the outline will be very helpful throughout the semester as a study guide. I am excited to learn more about Logic and explore music as a whole.