John Stanesa Final Project Draft 1

I just had the chords at this point.

John Stanesa Final Project Draft 2

Just have the chords, bass line and the first melody line. Also has the rain sample I took out later.

John Stanesa Final Project Animal Crossing



Live Project Draft 2

Woo, got it uploaded. Everything after the drums cut in was not meant to be included in the bounce.  That bit still sounds pretty fun, though, until you get to some random guitar takes.

All that’s left is to redo the clip order and mix it.

Live Project Draft 1

Here’s my first draft, mostly just a concept, probably none of the tracks here will make it into the final mix.

Live Project Plan

I only have a rough idea of what I am going to do for my Live project. I think I am going to use the session view to manage guitar tracks I will record. I will probably use an impulse drum machine.

If I do a live performance, I am going to use pre-recorded audio, as I don’t have much experience doing vocals and wouldn’t be confident doing them live.

If I don’t do a live performance, I’ll add more software instruments to the song. Hopefully, I’ll end up with a more polished song this time, if I don’t go with a live performance.

In the end, I think the decision will rest on how my guitar tracks turn out.

John Stanesa Logic Final

7th bounce

Hope you like it.

Logic Draft 2

Here’s my 2nd draft for the logic project. For some reason the metronome ended up in the bounce, and some noise from my guitar did too. The melody is all one take, and there’s no lyrics or percussion yet.

I am planning on cleaning up the melody, as well as reordering it to have more of a developing theme. I really need to see where my vocals fit in before I finalize the melody, though.

John Stanesa Loop Final

Here’s my final version of my loop project. I added vocals, and the reading helped me record these properly. I quantized my vocals and pitch corrected them. I wanted to make my vocals have an ambient feel, and fill out the rest of the song. I thought that the bass mixed well with the vocals, but at certain points I would have liked to clean it up.

John Stanesa Loop Draft 2

I tried to add some more content to my song in this draft. I think that the new instruments I added make the song more interesting. I would still like to work on the transitions, so that the parts do not feel so choppy.

I did not use the reading for this section, as I have yet to record any original audio.