Mike Black {Final Project Draft 2}

Built up the 2nd 8 bars and added a change-up to close out the beat. Vocals will be added in the final draft (just me rambling in between where the beat breaks into a new sequence after each 8 bars). Tons of panning was involved and some automation as well.

Mike Black {Final Project Draft 1}

Beginning stages. Experimenting with new sounds within Logic. Working on another changeup, so it is not so repetitive. Having fun lowering and raising the octaves.

Mike Black {Final Project Final}

This track remains untitled. I decided to experiment with different sounds and create an instrumental type track. There is no singing/rapping, just recorded audio of me speaking in between the instrumental. Every sound was played out on my midi controller, minus the vocals. I’m in no way proud of this final track (I am capable of much better work), but I had to turn in something.

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 7.47.25 PM


Mike Black {Live Final}

My Live trial ended, so luckily I had all my samples saved on my computer and re-created the track in Logic. All the tutorials I’ve read/watched online really helped and made me more comfortable using Live. I hated on the program at first, but as I got more familiar with it, I must say that it is a good software to have around if you can afford it. The title of this track is called “Exotic Mistress”.







Recorded Vocals

Recorded Vocals

MIDI Write-In

MIDI Write-In

Mike Black {Live Project Draft 2}

Live is just not doing it for me. I hate the work flow and it’s arrangement/session views. So from this point on, I’m bouncing my recordings out of Logic and importing them into Ableton (once I figure out how to trigger my samples live).

As far as my track goes, I’ve sampled some drums I discovered on an old 60/70’s record. I dug up another old record that had some exotic guitar sounds and chopped up certain parts of the audio. Using Logic’s EXS sampler, I made some adjustments and pitched up the samples a couple notches. After making the drum loop, I created a new melody with the chopped samples on my midi controller. The original sample can be heard at the beginning of this track. This is just a snippet, a teaser if you will.

Mike Black {Live Project Draft 1}

Me and Ableton Live aren’t really clicking at the moment. But I am planning to dig up an old foreign record from the 60/70’s, chop up certain samples from the audio, and create a new beat using Live’s built-in sampler and my midi controller. I was originally going to pre-record all my samples in Logic, but after watching some videos, I will give a Ableton a shot.

I don’t know why I’m struggling with this project, maybe I just need to ease into the new software. I’m still working out a few details on how I plan to perform this live, and whether or not I am going to add my own vocals to the track. It’s a work in progress…

Mike Black -Logic Project {Final}

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 9.10.49 AM

Here is my final product. I titled it “Eyes On The Prize”. Yes, it’s me on the vocals once again, but I’m no rapper (I promise you that). Overall, the content of this song surprised me because I wasn’t even trying to write about no personal shit, but the beat inspired me to. Just wished I had more time to play around with it. There’s always next time…

12 or more tracks: Yes


Vocal track recorded/sits well in mix: Yes, to the best of my ability.

Vocal Performance: Decided to make some words rhyme together (don’t care to use the term “rapping”).



Mix: Spent hours upon hours… still not satisfied, but it will do.

Reading: Referred back to the Dochtermann readings on mixing mostly, to help shape my sound.

MIDI Perform: All instrument tracks were performed on my midi keyboard.


MIDI Write In


Track Automation: 3 tracks


Instrument Automation: 3 tracks

Effect Automation: Low cut freq. fade on drums, Fast brake on grand organ, and phaser color on classic elec. piano.


Automation performed by mouse: All automation performed by mouse.

Automaton written in: On piano, organ, drums.



Did not complete:

Delay Linne, Automation performed with controller, MIDI Step Input, Tempo Change

Mike Black {Logic Project Draft 3}

Forgot to post this yesterday, but enough with the excuses… I did not get to record my vocals like I had planned to, but it’s coming. My main focus this week was to get my mix/sound right. The stock instruments were real rich in sound that I wanted to dirty them up a bit. I also added some automation, panning, and a slight bpm change. Dochtermann Chapter 11 helped with tips on which sounds should be mixed first before others to create a good balance/vibe and set the tone. Mixing definitely takes a good amount of concentration, and the trick is to take frequent breaks (don’t wear your ears out). Mixing on studio headphones is cool, but if you have access to studio monitors, even better.

Mike Black {Logic Project Draft 2}

My first draft and I had some issues, so I trashed it and decided to start fresh. This one turned out pretty unexpected and experimental as usual. Still debating on the current arrangement and I plan on adding/replacing sounds here and there. Vocals will be written and recorded this week. All feedback is appreciated.

Dochtermann Chapter 7, which focuses on Compression will come in handy when I am ready for my final mix down. I will use a compressor to fatten-up my drums, and on other instruments so they sit well in the mix. EQ will be applied as well to fine-tune each instrument to my liking (Logic’s sounds tend to sound very rich).

Mike Black {Logic Project Draft 1}

Here is my first draft, and I have no clue where this is headed. It all started with a simple 2-bar melody, and I’ve just built on that. As of now, it has a real gritty, grimy feel to it. I’m not happy with the current arrangement, but I had to throw something together to get started (This might get scrapped, but not certain yet). I applied a quick mix last night with no plugins, EQ, etc. All feedback is appreciated.

Lesson 7 introduced me to creating multiple tempo changes/curves within a track, which is Crazy! Never knew it could be done so easy, must be a new feature with Logic Pro X. Tuning vocal recordings is also another awesome feature that I must try out, even though I am not a singer. Forget recording 10 different takes, just activate the the flex pitch feature and you will be pitch perfect after some tweaking.

Lesson 8 taught how to get rid of unwanted background noise by applying a batch fade on a region(s). In between the two lessons, I’ve just been trying to learn and master the key commands (shortcuts) to help make my creative experience flow a bit easier.