Mitchell’s Final Draft

Forgot to post this earlier, but here is my Final Draft. Working on the automation and second verse, need to record some vocals for the next step. Excited to show you guys the finished project tomorrow. Readings have really helped me with knowing how I want to automate and how to do it. REally enjoying live.


White Noise Remix

For this project, I decided to use the vocals from one of my favorite songs, but I had some trouble warping them to match super well. Anyways, I’m pretty happy with how it came out and I definitely want to explore Live. Have learned a lot through the readings about automation, they have also helped me with how different effects work, and just with navigating live.

more as I actually prefer it to Logic



Logic Draft

Here is my logic Draft. Forgot to post it, but i need to put lyrics and automation and finish it but i’m happy with where its heading.


Mitchell’s Final Logic Project “Not Alone

I benefited from learning about doubling and automation a lot this week. I think that this song got away a bit from what I originally wanted to do, but it turned into something pretty cool at the same time. I definitely enjoyed making this one and hope you guys like it too!

Mitchell Logic Draft

Definitely still very much in draft form. This has been a lot of different things in the past few days but i think I finally have sort of a direction I want to go with it. I really like the acid house sort of synth, so I did kind of a slowed down take on that. I I’m definitely going to make a few changes but since I have an idea of what I want now its going to be a lot easier. The readings really continue to help with automation and just navigating all of the features in logic

Devine – Loop Project Final

Not a whole lot has changed from my first draft. I shortened in some areas and tried to make the vocals a bit easier to hear. I also added a lot of automation from keeping the track from being to static. The readings definitely helped with that part. Hopefully you guys enjoy!


Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 9.23.40 AM

Mitchell’s Loop Project Draft

So it’s ok. I’m like ok with the direction it’s heading, but need to definitely work on mastering and that sort of thing. I got the sound I was looking for which I was pleased with. I used a few different synths that I thought worked well together for what I was going for.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 4.02.52 PM