No Video ~ Sepehr Sobhani

The man piano riff in this song is a sample from Satie’a trois gymnopedies. There is also a Chris Botti trumpet sample. There is a ton of automation in the track, especially in volumes. The most interesting use of automation is the automation of the of the high hats. I did this by using a max for live plug in that automated the rhythm of the arpegiator, that was then linked to the drum rack trigger of the high hat. The hardest part of this song was rapping. Have more respect for rappers now.







Live Draft

This is my draft. Still need to add some vocals, but I am  trying to find somebody to rap on it. The readings had a very insightful quote that I enjoyed. “Always use your ears to judge effects, and go with your gut reaction.” I often have difficulty doing this because I want to follow some sort of formula. I need to learn to let go.

(Link will be updated to final)

Sepehr Sobhani Logic Final

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 3.33.01 PM

This song sets Allen Greenspan’s House Oversight Committee deposition to somber music. I am really trying to capture what Dr.Greenspan felt when he had to tell the country that his model of the world that he has ben going by for 40 years has been wrong. The 4 examples of automation are Panning in both vocals, volume in the vocals and low pass filter automation the the synth in the beginning. I previously did not know about the types of microphones, but the book taught be about the microphones, I used my knowledge to select the correct microphone and polar pattern.

Sepehr Sobhani- Project Draft

I had a lot of fun with this project. Did not know how to do automation in Logic, and now I do. I really enjoyed taking a mundane house oversight committee meeting and make it a bit more interesting. The book was very helpful in teaching me about polar patterns. I did not know the different reasons for using each before, but now I do.



Sepehr Sobhani- Loop Project Final

This song is largely self descriptive. The vocals talk about how the song is a loop, and at the same time the song is looping. There is also a mellow first part, followed by an exciting second part.  My process for creating this song was first starting with percussion. Then I improvised all the synth parts on top until I felt comfortable with what was there. This project was made easier with use of built in loops. I made 3 songs before this final one that I completely scraped.  The reading were very helpful in my completion of this project. The lessons on song structure were fascinating and gave me a lot of ideas about how to develop my song.Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 7.29.43 PM

Sepehr Sobhani – Loop Project Draft

Very rough draft of my piece. Needs serious mixing and mastering. I will also add some more audio audio tracks.  Solo and the end needs to be re recorded. Overall it is pretty boring right now. Pretty bad. The readings for this course have been very beneficial to my understanding of music and whole. The readings did a good job of explaining what basic song structure is. The microphone technique lesson was also very helpful to me.