Sunyoung Jun Logic Draft 2

Todays lesson in class helped me but in the Evoc and the Bass sounds

The messing around with logic helped out


Sunyoung Jun Logic Draft 1

The logic lesson really helped me with this draft.

It was really fun,making this because by using the piano/midi i could put in drums sounds and different type of sounds. Also it was really fun using the chords.

Sunyoung Jun’s Final loop project

The reading really helped me get through this project.  Chapter 5  helped  me learn the basics of the microphone technique. Also Chapter 2 led me through the basics of audio recording, At first it was confusing to apply it on to logic. Logic is simple but complicated to use, in my opinion.

In all honesty this project was really challenging for me because my draft one,two and the final are all different. But after hearing my final piece, I am pretty satisfied with it!

It really was a trial and error type of thing for me. I basically pushed all the choices till I found the right beats for my song. My song is pretty short, but the intro v1 bridge v2 are pretty much noticeable. I really did not want to sing so I just somewhat spoke in the beginning of the song.

My song; I just thought this song ,would be what I would enjoy listening  to while driving. I really like how whole it sounds. I usually don’t really like songs with lyrics, I mostly listen to just instrumental, so adding some sort of lyrics to this was pretty challenging for me.


1. A minimum of 8 tracks – Yes 

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 7.17.23 PM

2. A minimum of 2 sections – Yes (Intro-V1-Bridge-V2)

3. A well recorded vocal track – Yes tracks 6&7

4. At least one track must be you singing/speaking/rapping – Yes, i am speaking and humming 

5. Song sections clearly labelled using makers Yes

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 7.36.24 PM

6. A good sounding, well balanced mix I think so.


Sunyoung Jun Loop Draft 2

Here is my second draft.

This is completely different then my first draft. I flipped my whole draft one because I could not seem to add any voice to it.MY draft too sort of has a happy feel to it.

I still have a lot of editing(trial and error) things to work on.

The Dochtermann helped me the basic important thing about recording, EQ, and more.

The logic lessons helped me get the idea of recording and editing.

BAsics of recording

Room Set up

Important things about Microphone


Sunyoung Jun’s Loop Project-1

This is my first time making my own piece so it was quite interesting. At first I was overwhelmed by the fact that I had to make something because I did not know how to use the program logic pro x.


Though Professor Snyder’s went over the basic how-to’s, the  loop logic lesson helped me understand how to use each of the features in logic. Also the Chapter 10 in the Dochtermann helped me understand, in detail, the basic structures of a song, Intro -> Verse I -> Verse II-> Chorus -> Verse III -> Chorus -> Bridge -> Chorus -> Outro. 

This draft that I made need a lot of work to be done, I made the draft piece just putting some beats together that was pleasing to hear in my ears. So I don’t know how it might sound to others. I am trying to aim for it to be a simple and short song. I have to work on changing the beginning and ending because they sound to abrupt as well as making some lyrics and making it longer. For the next draft I am hoping for more progress to be made to this,.