SH@ – Taylor Live Project

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 6.27.35 PM

This is my final Live Project. It is pretty similar to the draft, but I added in a break section in the middle to give some variety. I also added in some sharp, abrupt vocals since those are often found in this type of electronic music. Additionally, I changed the final section so that there is now a sort of back and forth between synths of different pitches. I thought that this would keep the song interesting at the tail end. The readings helped me with this project by basically showing me how I would do something in Live that I already know how to do in Logic like changing note velocities and recording, among other things. They also helped in terms of getting comfortable with the session view.

Live Draft -Taylor

This is the draft of my live project. I don’t really know where I want to go with it, but i started out trying to go for a intense electronic type thing. Any suggestions for what might fit well into it are very welcome. While making this track, I got familiar with Live which proved to be much less intuitive for me than logic was. I find it to allow a lot less precision in terms of how you structure your song which was challenging, and switching between the sessions and the whole song view was interesting. The readings helped with this project by introducing me to a lot of the features Live has to offer.Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 3.22.33 PM

Taylor Logic Project – “Money and Amusement”

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 3.58.30 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-11 at 3.59.01 PM

This is the final version of my logic project titled “Money and Amusement”. I worked on this with a friend of mine who is into freestyling for fun. This is the first song he’s ever recorded and rapped written lyrics for though so that was pretty awesome. He raps during the verses while I did the chorus. I’m really happy with the end result of this song especially since neither of us has recorded a rap before. Aside from the vocals, I sampled some synth tracks for the melody and the beats, but I played/drew in the piano and base parts on my own. I tried layering the piano for a fuller sound. I also tried to do this with the base, but it ended up sounding really muddy so I took it out. The readings helped a lot for this project when I started adding in automation to the tracks, and I figured out how to make the tracks have pretty colors so that’s a win too.

Taylor Logic Project Draft

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 10.53.42 AM

For this project, I decided to make a rap/hip-hop song. I created this beat using both pre-recorded loops from logic and samples I wrote/played in myself using the midi keyboards in the lab. The finished product will also have lyrics which I am currently working on writing with my friend who will be featured, rapping over the current track. I focused a lot this time on the structure of the song. My song for the loop project was kind of lacking in that department so hopefully this one has a little bit more of a direction to it. The readings helped with this project especially in the area of automation. The logic lessons, as well as the videos really helped me figure out how to create appropriate automation for each track as well as helping me learn how to fade tracks so that changes in sections are not too abrupt. Keep in mind that some of the song is currently repetitive, but that most of the repetitive sections will have lyrics over them to make it more interesting.

Taylor Loop Final


This version of my loop project has mainly additions when compared to the first draft. I added a second bass part in to complement the piano sections to add a fullness to the sound. In addition I added a short vocal section and some audio fx to the main baseline and some of the synth accents. The readings influenced this new version of my project by helping to show me how to tweak the sounds of various tracks as well as helping me decide how to split the songs in to multiple sections and how to get the sections to flow together.

Taylor Dohmen Loop Project Draft

I went into this song thinking I would go for a chill electronic kind of vibe, sort of like Ratatat if you’re familiar with them. As I was going through some of the loops though, i really liked the classical piano family so I stuck some of that in for a change of pace and then tried to meld the two styles together. I’m fairly happy with the result, although some parts of it still seem a little choppy to me and could be better in the transitions. Reading the Dochtermann section about arrangements of songs helped me a lot with this draft. I think the song ended up having a structure similar to the Sonata Allegro form with with an intro that builds into the exposition which is the guitar part, followed by the piano section which is the development and then the merging of the two former sections in the recapitulation. One thing I’m still struggling with is how I could incorporate vocals, so if anyone has any suggestions about that, that would be awesome.


Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 1.31.45 PM  Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 1.32.00 PM