Final Draft 2 -Tori Nguyen

The Live tutorials on youtube helped me figure out how to add effects to my tracks. It also helped me figure out how to use ‘Record Quantization’.

I’m testing out piano bits here.

Alex Lindeman – Final Project Draft 2

Listening to more of The xx and oddly enough the soundtrack to SimCity 3000. Not sure about the gortar but whatever. Outro and solo need work I think. Whatever vocals I might add will be minimal at most.

Austin Moody Final Draft 2

So I added another chord and I am trying really hard to get this performance

down.  I do not have rhythm so the live beat making is pretty shaky.

John Stanesa Final Project Draft 2

Just have the chords, bass line and the first melody line. Also has the rain sample I took out later.

Dominique Giles [ Final Project Draft 2]

Draft 2.

Not much of a change from the last draft. Corrected some of the notes and added in a drum beat I created. Decided to continue on with the lullaby idea. I wont be playing the ukulele anymore, I didn’t manage to find time to figure out the soft step like I planned to. I will however be triggering the clips in Ableton and singing live. The song still needs an ending and some final touches. I’m working on that now.

Terena Chao – Final Project Draft 2

For my second draft I decided that for the sake of time and mental health I would just create a simple acoustic song. Using Ableton Live 9, I have my guitar being processed through audio effects that makes my guitar sound a lot brighter. I really love being able to manipulate how my guitar sounds and I feel that this has really allowed me to create a song I enjoy. This is still unfinished but I have now incorporated a verse section that I can sing with. I will hopefully have the full song with lyrics done by tomorrow to perform live. If not Ill just do some vocalizing like I did last time.

Erin McNeil Final Project Draft 2

Here is the second draft, I still need to adjust the volume and panning on the vocals.  I also am planning on adding at least a rhythm section and maybe some guitar.

Most of what I have been pulling from is what I have learned from the earlier half of the semester and prior knowledge.  This piece is inspired by many different songs, mostly whatever pops up on my pandora station.

Gyeore Lee’s Final Project Draft 2

This is my final draft for the Final Project. On Monday, I’m going to use Live to perform. I’am going to play keyboard and sing at the same time. I mostly used Loops and creating Midi from the Logic.

I hope it turns well on Monday.

Gaby Nguyen Final – Draft 2

This draft now incorporates the introduction with a chorus and the bridge. It has yet to be better organized as there are vocal tracks that are in the wrong places, but the idea is coming together.

Chapter 8 discussed time and pitch changing techniques that I’ve been reluctant to explore – I know that last project I should’ve changed the pitch of for my vocals to have the option to harmonize. For this draft, I tried experimenting with changing the pitch to a key that would work alongside what I have so far. I may or may not decide to keep the outcome of the pitch change.

MAking progress, the drums will be programmed in live and replaced, everything else is in logic.  Still need to record vox and some guitar as well as come up with an ending and second part oops