Live Draft 3 Max

I think this is almost identical to my last one but whatever it sounds totally different in live which is what we’re actually using so I’m not putting much thought into the logic arrangement. This is probably the most stressed I’ve ever been in this class because nothing is fucking coming together so my presentation will be me openly weeping over a foot pedal I’ll be pushing with my face. Most helpful thing this week was caffeine and self-loathing.

Alex Lindeman – Live Project Draft 3

Right now I’m listening to Dan Deacon, The Duke Spirit, Modest Mouse, and Foo Fighters. So that’s what this might end up sounding like. Put some repetitive power chords and a bitchin bass. Get song. Getting the hang of Live a little, but I still prefer Logic for this class, since I’m not Dave Grohl doing live performances.

Gyeore Lee’s Live Project Draft 3

Live project is really hard and difficult. I had hard time to figure out how I am going to present on due date. I haven’t record clarinet part yet, but I finished with the background sound of the orchestra. During the weekend, I’m planning to figure out how I am going to fit clarinet.

The most of the parts are from the Logic Pro X Loop. I converted files from the Logic into wave and reopened in Live. I don’t know why but I had hard time figuring out the rearranging the sounds but lectures from the past really helped me. I did not know how to convert the files. But after listening to the lecture, everything went smoothly.

Live Project Draft 2

Woo, got it uploaded. Everything after the drums cut in was not meant to be included in the bounce.  That bit still sounds pretty fun, though, until you get to some random guitar takes.

All that’s left is to redo the clip order and mix it.

Live Project Draft 3 – “Spring”

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 10.05.40 AM

I’m not pleased with how it sounds. I think I could improve it a lot with some more time and work.

Live Draft 3

This draft highlights the beginnings of my Live Project – though that may change. Let me know what you think. The reading was the reason why I strayed away from keeping the melody rather legato – to add variation, and to explore different styles.

Still No Name Yet -Amber May (Live Project Draft 3)

I plan for this to be about to women arguing about what genre of music is best.

Here’s my much delayed third draft.  Sorry for how behind I ended up getting, almost caught up though!  This needs drums, quantization, and more variation, but here’s a pretty solid skeleton

Lucas Munson – Live draft 3

I would welcome any feedback on mixing suggestions, or perhaps a better ending. I added some vocals and a few other audio tracks. One is a phone bell. The other is a bass drum made out of a phone. You will hear them I am sure.


Bianca Contreras Live Draft 3

Here is my live draft 3. Thank you to all I recorded. Also a thank you to Dr. Snyder and Dr. Long for use of the keyboard.

Edit: DRAFT 3.5!

Jake Olsen: guitar

Shaunna Spinney/Lindsay Bulls: flute

Sepher Sephani: Trumpet

Claire Ashur: vocals

Michael Evart: melodica