White Noise Remix

For this project, I decided to use the vocals from one of my favorite songs, but I had some trouble warping them to match super well. Anyways, I’m pretty happy with how it came out and I definitely want to explore Live. Have learned a lot through the readings about automation, they have also helped me with how different effects work, and just with navigating live.

more as I actually prefer it to Logic



Levi’s Live Final – Through The Deep

Alright! It’s finally finished. Like Cole, I have since added vocals, automation, and MIDI instruments since my draft. I hope you like it!

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 9.34.01 AM

Cole Masaitis – Stargazing

I added vocals, effects, and automation since my last draft!

Hope you enjoy!!

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 8.33.19 AM

No Video ~ Sepehr Sobhani

The man piano riff in this song is a sample from Satie’a trois gymnopedies. There is also a Chris Botti trumpet sample. There is a ton of automation in the track, especially in volumes. The most interesting use of automation is the automation of the of the high hats. I did this by using a max for live plug in that automated the rhythm of the arpegiator, that was then linked to the drum rack trigger of the high hat. The hardest part of this song was rapping. Have more respect for rappers now.







Victoria Beasley – Live Draft

Here’s my live draft, I really relied on the ableton scenes to be able to navigate ableton. I may change the piano track, and I will be adding 4 vocal tracks, as well as improving the mixing/mastering.

Joshua Mingo Live Project : On Justice


Elaina’s final ableton project

For my final project, I attempted to make a trap beat (something i am not the best at) instead of my normal girly taylor swifty piano sound that i did for logic.

I had my 2 best friends rap on my track. First I added 3 different types of bell sounds on ableton, after that i added a mambo piano sound. I realize i should have dome my drums and beats first, but actually i did it very last (probably not a good idea) i doubled the audio and added automation to my friends’ voices and at the end of my track

Anyways, i had a lot of trouble using ableton but now i think i kinda have it figured it out


hope ya likeeeee

Oakland Waves – Live Project

It took a little longer getting acclimated to Live then I thought, But I was able to put something together. I really liked the idea of samples and adding my stuff over a song, giving it a new feel. In the second section I layered samples of the same song to give it a new, fuller sound. Final section, I came back to what I had in the beginning, but I sped up. I felt with everything going on, it kept it interesting. With a little more time, I think this song could have been even better. Compared to the draft, I added some claps and other synths and vocals.The readings helped me understand Live better and get adjusted from Logic. It also taught me the basic functions and where to find things as well. All requirements have been met. Enjoy!

Elaina’s Ableton Draft

hi FRIENDS this is my ableton draft.

I still need to add vocals and also add automation

turn up