Gyeore Lee’s Loop Draft 2

This is my second loop draft. If you noticed, that I totally started over. I started my song with scratch because the song I wrote last time, there wasn’t any structure than can be called as introduction. When I make this new piece of song, I really tried to structurize the song into big three parts : Introduction, melody part, and outro. The intro of this song is kind of long. As scratch disappears, the piano sound came out with some drum beats and suddenly the drum beats disappears and only the piano plays. The part that only the piano comes out is where the melody part begins. I hadn’t decide how the melody part is going to divide into verses, chorus and bridge but I will figure out soon. I did not sing this time I just made sound of beats. As I restarted the song. I tried to memorize the song so when I sing this song with completed lyrics, I would not miss beats.

Before I record my voice, I read Dochtermann Chapter 2, which talks about the aspects of the recording environment can affect the sound. These are the aspects that can influence the sound: room setup and acoustic, microphone technique, equalization/ compression, other signal processing, mixing/mastering tips. When you are listen to my song, you might hear the voice of other people behind my voice. As I listed the aspect, the sound that I recorded was influenced by the other signal processing. Also, it talks about the steps of the recording with microphone. But it was not that detailed so this part did not that much but it gave some idea how to start.

John Rowley – Loop Draft 2

So I changed the synth that I use in the beginning and middle of the song and messed with the mix a little bit. I also made the bass guitar start a little later. Obviously the vocals are horrible but i just really wanted to mess around and see what I could do with my voice. I ended up using the Planet Tunnel Alien Voice Transformer option. I thought it sounded cool and my song is kind of about space. I’m definitely going to change a lot up for the final draft so a lot of input would be great.

The Logic Chapter 2 really helped out a lot with recording in general along with the Toggle Record option of logic. I would have had a lot of trouble recording without it.  The Key commands lesson was also extremely helpful. Logic Chapter 3 helped me with adding plug-ins and fades. The mouse tools were also a vital lesson. The Dochtermann chapter was important to learn about microphone placement but it was very hard to practice good placement because I was by myself recording and I didn’t have a hand free.

Alex Lindeman – Loop Draft 2

This is the second draft of Burrito Beat, featuring more inspiration drawn from small donkeys. The beats have been completely changed because I didn’t like the old ones as much, but I’m still unsure, maybe they’ll change a few more times before the final version. There are still no lyrics but they will be recorded this weekend, as always fueled by burritos.

I’ve also hugely reworked the song’s structure, thanks to the Dochtermann reading. The intro was there before, but now I have two slightly shorter verses rather than one, a bridge, and an outtro, making it sound a little more like a complete piece. By doing the Dochtermann lessons 2 and 3, I learned how to add effects and fiddle with the EQ for most of the tracks. I also learned how to use the fade tool to make the synth in the intro a little less harsh, and the automation tool to fade out at the end. I may do more automation with panning some of the toppers to either side for the final draft.

Max Traubert Draft 2 Hamwise Hamgee

This week’s draft was a little bit tougher to put together. I made a few minor tweaks in the beginning that didn’t really add too much and I was pretty stuck for a couple days. However, after doing the Logic lessons I really felt I had a better understanding on what I wanted to do. Lesson 3, specifically was insanely helpful, specifically the sections on fading in and out (which I did eventually cut out from this draft, but it was nice to know that I didn’t want that sound) and the part on reversing. The lyrics are just a placeholder for what I will eventually put in there myself, and kind of as a practice for using distortion, which we learned about in the Snyder reading. I like the ending on this draft a lot more but I’m not sure that I’m a fan of the transition. I think I’ll try simplifying it for the final draft.

Austin Dunham – Draft 2

So I think I’m going to totally scratch what I had before and use this instead.  Worked on this a lot.  It’s currently 18 tracks and putting it together so far has been fun.  The voice is not mine (i wish), but I feel like it fits rather nicely.  I want the vocals to be the foreground for the song so they should be fairly loud, but that being said, they are not exactly how I want them.  I just need to stop messing around with it for now before I spend way too much time in this lab…  So yeah, the mixing will be better for the final.  Let me know what you guys think!

Loop Draft 2 – Rachel Youmans

I’ve got five different tracks: Empress Rule Beat, Empty Throne Bass, Epic Runner Bass, Extra Reverb Beat, and Fashion Cord Layers. Empress Rule Beat, Empty Throne Bass, and Extra Reverb Beat are used constantly throughout the project, while Fashion cord layers comes in at the fifth bar and Epic Runer Beat at the ninth.


Eric Turner – Loop Draft 2

I’ve changed around a couple of things, tweaked with the sound of some instruments, added a new section at the end. Overall, I think it’s coming along well. I have ten tracks right now and there’s definitely space for more. I didn’t do any audio recording this week so the readings didn’t apply but I’m sure they’ll come in handy next week.

“First Look” – Loop Draft 2

Though it would be more appropriate to call it “A Second Look” this time around, I went along and removed the main piano track from Draft 1 and added several other instrumental tracks on top of it. Here is the second loop reveal of my loop making career.

“Yes!” (Loop Draft 2)

The 2nd edit to my “Yes!” song. I reduced some of the music tracks during the chorus so it wasn’t as overwhelming, and I completely got rid of the random vocals because I couldn’t figure out a way to incorporate them into the song without sounding out of place. I also added a soft synth solo (which is reintroduced in the chorus later with a harder synth.) It’s not fully done yet because I want to make it sound a bit more “ended.”

Kyle Pape loop draft 2

This has changed significantly from the first draft. I removed several tracks and added several tracks.  Truthfully, this is almost completely different.
I think it might be a little more organized.
There are a couple transitions that need tweaking. Also some volume adjustments might be necessary; in some parts it seems like it is overloaded and buzzes. I fixed most of them but there still might be some.
Vocals still need to be added. I’m going to add them 1:45 – 2:15.
There is a triangle hit at the end that needs to drop in pitch or be removed.


loop draft 2