Victoria Beasley Loop Draft


This is the first draft of my loop project. I tried to really incorporate the cycling of loops suggested in the logic lesson 1 to keep the listener from getting bored. I have yet to decide whether I will put my vocals in the second half with the piano drums and beat or in the beginning and solo the second piano. I really wanted to get some banjo into this piece, so hopefully as it continues to develop I will be able to do that. I still don’t know how to turn the metronome off, but it only ticks when there is no track playing.

Cole Masaitis – Loop Draft

Here’s my first loop draft containing all of the requirements except for vocals so far. The readings helped me layout a simple song structure and not clutter my loop project with two many different parts and instruments. I did not know that there were MIDI loops as well as audio loops until going through the lesson, and that you would get artifacts if the tempo was too different from an audio loops natural tempo. The Logic lesson also taught me that I can transpose the key to audio loops, which I did not know it was possible!Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 5.11.39 PM

I went in adding loops that I liked, and this is how it turned out!

Mitchell’s Loop Project Draft

So it’s ok. I’m like ok with the direction it’s heading, but need to definitely work on mastering and that sort of thing. I got the sound I was looking for which I was pleased with. I used a few different synths that I thought worked well together for what I was going for.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 4.02.52 PM

Taylor Dohmen Loop Project Draft

I went into this song thinking I would go for a chill electronic kind of vibe, sort of like Ratatat if you’re familiar with them. As I was going through some of the loops though, i really liked the classical piano family so I stuck some of that in for a change of pace and then tried to meld the two styles together. I’m fairly happy with the result, although some parts of it still seem a little choppy to me and could be better in the transitions. Reading the Dochtermann section about arrangements of songs helped me a lot with this draft. I think the song ended up having a structure similar to the Sonata Allegro form with with an intro that builds into the exposition which is the guitar part, followed by the piano section which is the development and then the merging of the two former sections in the recapitulation. One thing I’m still struggling with is how I could incorporate vocals, so if anyone has any suggestions about that, that would be awesome.


Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 1.31.45 PM  Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 1.32.00 PM

Loop Project (DRAFT)


This is my loop project draft, It’s still a draft and there is much more I can work on and fix. I believe that it has a lot of potential due to the intro of the song. The readings have helped me with this loop project by allowing me to think of a way to introduce the song. it also the the logic lessons have taught me how to mix and understand logic. Also, the readings have taught me that even simple bits ad pieces may not sound good by themselves, but together, they can make make a great song!

Joe Cheeks Loop Project draft 1

This is a hip hop type of beat. I was inspired by a song I heard called superhuman by Chris Webby.

The  Dochtermann helped me understand the structure for my song.


After listening, to song’s with similar sounds to the one i wanted to create. I determined that the song does not need to be overly complicated.Using a constant flow, with small changes would create all the movement I would need.

John Stanesa Loop Draft 1

This is my first draft for the loop project. While it does not yet have any song sections (like the ones listed in the reading), I tried to make the parts of the song distinguishable so that it would be easier to add these sections later.

Loop Draft 1 – Victoria Nguyen

At first I was going for an “All that Jazz – Ghibli Jazz” kind of feel, hence the intro, but that was quickly scrapped as I browsed the loops and added random things. I did keep a piano theme going throughout the song though.

The Dochtermen helped me determine a vague outline to go by in terms of Intro >Verse> Chorus > Outro.

Logic Lesson 1 helped me immensely in figuring out how to use the Logic Pro X software and how to add details to the song. I copied the tutorial by dropping most of the instruments after the intro in order to transition into the rest of the song with more of an emphasis. I also dropped and added instruments throughout the song to introduce new elements/reintroduce old ones.

Sunyoung Jun’s Loop Project-1

This is my first time making my own piece so it was quite interesting. At first I was overwhelmed by the fact that I had to make something because I did not know how to use the program logic pro x.


Though Professor Snyder’s went over the basic how-to’s, the  loop logic lesson helped me understand how to use each of the features in logic. Also the Chapter 10 in the Dochtermann helped me understand, in detail, the basic structures of a song, Intro -> Verse I -> Verse II-> Chorus -> Verse III -> Chorus -> Bridge -> Chorus -> Outro. 

This draft that I made need a lot of work to be done, I made the draft piece just putting some beats together that was pleasing to hear in my ears. So I don’t know how it might sound to others. I am trying to aim for it to be a simple and short song. I have to work on changing the beginning and ending because they sound to abrupt as well as making some lyrics and making it longer. For the next draft I am hoping for more progress to be made to this,.




Kala Bowling – Loop Project #1

With this being my first music composition class, I felt a little lost coming into it. But the logic lesson and the Dochtermann really helped me grasp the initial concept into music composing.

Having never used a Mac before, I thought the logic lesson #1 helped me Logic Pro X program as well as the basics of a Mac computer. Dr. Snyder gave a quick tutorial to Logic Pro X during the second class period which allowed me to understand the bare basics. The first logic lesson expanded on that and gave me more of an in-depth look into the program. With this I felt as though I was able to create a decent beginning loop project. 

The Dochtermann readings taught me the different sections to a song in detail, which will lead me towards composing my own song. I will be able to put sections together more coherently now that I actually understand the different sections.

My loop draft is in it’s beginning stages. I hope everyone enjoys it.