Angie’s Live project draft 1

Live is not fun, first draft pretty much done minus the audio. 

Ableton final


Ableton draft 2

This has bad vocals and just words, I need to fix them better into the mix! I am working on the drums but honestly I might just had a loop and work within that



Live Draft 1

this was hard hard only because I didn’t understand the program, its really long so i think its gonna be shorter for the final performance. it is suppose to be a softer piece with weird vocals coming in and out.


Logic Final

Here was what I had with vocals included, I think this has potential to be an okay song but It has to be worked on more. Again will probably take this off once class is over!


Logic draft 2

In this draft, I fixed/ add some automation and tried to include some build ups. was still writing the lycrics


Ableton Live Draft 2 – Brooke Preas

Here is my second draft.

This is pretty much the final product, just without any of the vocals added. From my last draft, I add a beat and a bass part. The first song that I created for this class was much more EDM than the music I usually like, and the second song was very Pop-ish. I wanted my final project to be a little more zen and sweet, which I think is within reach with this draft.

Again, I stuck close to the Ableton lessons for help with this one. I had to keep returning to the first lesson, just to help me remember how to navigate  the program

Ableton Live First Draft – Brooke Preas

Here is my first draft For the Ableton Live Project.

This was just me trying to figure out where I wanted all of the clips to go in the arrangement. Ableton took me quite a while to figure out, but with the lessons online and a lot of google-ing I figured it out.