Final Project Draft- Magnetically (To You)- Victoria Beasley

Writing this was both hard and fun. This is a rough draft, but it has almost every aspect of the song in it. I learned a lot about reaching out to artists and collaborating as I was able to get someone to collaborate with me on this piece! The readings helped me move my live project from my personal computer to one of the computers in the MIDI lab. We plan on performing the vocals, ukulele and bass ukulele next week, and will be re-recording soon. I will probably add drums. I may end up adding some steel drum.

Victoria Beasley – Live Draft

Here’s my live draft, I really relied on the ableton scenes to be able to navigate ableton. I may change the piano track, and I will be adding 4 vocal tracks, as well as improving the mixing/mastering.

Victoria Beasley- Logic Final: Whishes

This is the final version of my logic project. I had a lot of fun making this and used a lot of knowledge from the readings about reverb, EQ, and frequencies to finish mixing and for the audio automation. I’ve finished and extended the chorus of the song, as well as adding an outro thanks to suggestions from members of the class, and I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out!

Audio Automation Screen Shot All Tracks & Sections Screen Shot

VBeazy Logic Project draft 2

I have added some audio tracks, but these are not the final versions. I will be re-recording the bass after I practice more (this is my world debut for playing my bass ukulele), and rerecording the voice all in one go so it has the same quality throughout. I still have to record shaker and figure out if the placement/spacing of the voice is correct and determine how the end of the song will come together and where the other vocals I’ll be recording fit in.

VBeazy Logic Draft 1- S.S. R. Wishes

Here’s the first draft of my logic project! I was really inspired by my favorite poet, Shane Koyczan, so I wrote a poem which I’ll be recording myself reciting. I also will be including a shaker, some bass ukulele, and some vocalization. I’m really excited to see this piece through. Right now, I only have an intro, verse 1, and a little bit of a bridge or hook. I’ll be recording very soon and then I really look forward to using what I learned from the reverb and delay reading.

Dizzy – Victoria Beasley

Here is my final version of the loop project!  It hasn’t changed much from the draft except for the addition of vocals, changing of the outro, and mixing. I really struggled with recording vocals I liked, and then putting a good effect on them, but, hey, the 20th time’s the charm, right? The logic lessons really helped me with keyboard shortcuts and navigating the program, as well as understanding what I was doing. The final product has 5 different audio tracks, 6 MIDI tracks, and one recorded vocal track. I’ve got an intro, outro, and 1 verse.


Victoria Beasley Loop Draft


This is the first draft of my loop project. I tried to really incorporate the cycling of loops suggested in the logic lesson 1 to keep the listener from getting bored. I have yet to decide whether I will put my vocals in the second half with the piano drums and beat or in the beginning and solo the second piano. I really wanted to get some banjo into this piece, so hopefully as it continues to develop I will be able to do that. I still don’t know how to turn the metronome off, but it only ticks when there is no track playing.