Elias Ingea Live Final – What is this?

Here is the final draft. Pretty interesting stuff lol. I just took some key parts from my last track. Put a new beat added some leads and dropped the rest in. Hope you enjoy.

Elias Ingea – Logic Final

Most of you heard this already on Thursday. I just forgot to post the draft. I was going to make the changes that you guys suggested but I thought it wouldn’t be fair to others that had already made submissions.

Overall I am using a few loops however, I do have 4+ instruments/audio tracks and a vocal track, which I thought was the requirment.

Elias Ingea – Logic Draft

Trying to do something here that I am not sure will work out. Going to change out the guitar to something else that would allow for vocals, I don’t think I can sing to this tune. I mean I can’t sing in general but we’ll see lol.

Elias Ingea – Loop Project Final

So this is completely different from the first draft that I uploaded. I hope you like it. I don’t have lyrics because I decided that I really wanted to put a monolog that Aziz Ansari had on SNL. I was going to speak the monologue rather than edit his but I was really out of it these last few weeks due to having 8 interviews almost everyday of the week. Hopefully you guys still enjoy it.

Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 4.53.37 PM



Elias Ingea – Loop Project

So finally figured out how to get access to this site…. And I am a computer science major lol. Either way, so this is my first draft and I am not the biggest fan. I didn’t want to create something so housy even though that is one of my favorite genres. The only reason for that was so that it wouldn’t end up being too hard to write lyrics. I am going to keep working on making the beats and the melodies seem fuller. I did get a lot from the readings/tutorials in that I learned how to mix things a lot better and I learned how to control volume properly. I was mainly relying on trying to get timing down but now it has gotten a lot easier after learning proper volume control.