Angie’s logic project draft 2

So I added some more tracks in between to create a little bit more depth but I think it might be overpowering at some parts so I’ll tweak it for the final project. Also worked on the automation and compression some more. Added a weird intro that I think will fit in better when the vocals are added.

Austin Moody Loop Draft 2

Sorry for being so late! I have been sick and have not been able to make it to the computer lab.  I still hope you enjoy my second draft.  I did not change to much from last draft, but I did fix it and insert cleaner fades.  It is definitely not finished but  I am making great progress.  Thank you for listening.


Terena Chao – Loop Project Draft 2

For my second loop draft, I decided to start from scratch. The reason why is because I felt that my first draft did not have any place for proper vocals. In my new song I set the bpm to 100 which I found to be a comfortable pace to sing at. I went for a more softer approach that would allow me to create a melody to sing in it. My vocals started as a piano melody that I played and tweaked here and there until I finally found a tune that I was happy with. The piano melody served as a placeholder for a while until I had the time and courage to sing it. The logic lessons really helped me understand how to record my vocals and properly integrate them into my song. I decided to hold off on any cool plugins because I still need to decide on my lyrics. I’m currently working on some lyrics right now but as of now they are not completely ready. Overall the whole song still needs proper mastering and mixing.

In the readings I learned that there is so much more to consider than just recording. On page 26 of the Dochtermann, he mentions that room setup, microphone techniques,  equalization/compression, signal processing, and mixing/mastering tips are all crucial to creating a high quality recording. On page 28, Dochtermann also brings up the term “punch in” which is a technique to allow musicians  go into a previously recorded track to record over and correct mistakes. I think that this is a really handy tool that allows musicians to achieve that quality sound that they can be happy with.


Kala Bowling – Loop draft 2

Before this class, I never even thought about recording myself, or putting my voice in a music track. I’m more of a woodwind instrument kind of gal, so I never had the opportunity to learn anything about vocals.

The Dochtermann readings and the Logic Lessons helped me understand what it takes to be able to record and to produce a track and also how to actually do it. I always thought that someone just sang into a mic, and it was automatically into the track. I never knew how much more in depth you’re able to get with vocal recordings. I hope with these lessons for voice recordings I’ll be able to make myself sound like a professional. Good luck to me on that one.

In this track I wasn’t able to include any vocal tracks, however I do have what I plan to say (or sing, should I dare to attempt it) figured out. The ending is also a bit muddled. But I’ll smooth that all out once I actually record the vocal bit.

Joe Cheeks Loop Draft 2

My music did not really change, but i did do some more mixing to the track.

The Dochtermann helped me with some Eqing for the vocals and the pianos.

Rachael Lee – Loop Draft #2

The logic lessons were helpful because I learned how to record and punch in/punch out. Chapter three taught me how to color audio tracks, which was fun to play around with. It also taught me more functions so I can edit my song with greater detail and add more texture. The Dochtermann chapter was a good read because I learned about the proper steps of recording and its technical side. The most important thing when you’re recording music is to know your instruments.

In my second draft I was able to extend it and create an outro, so now I have: Intro, Vers 1, and Outro. I find it difficult to find a place to place lyrics, but I think a rap would be better than a vocal part. I still have a lot of work on the lyrics and touching up loose ends.

My voice…. I love it so…

Mike Black Loop Draft #2

As you may remember from my first draft, I submitted a funky-jazz tune that was a work in progress. Well, I ended up scrapping that piece and started fresh (1 a.m. this morning), using some sounds that express a more laid -back, relaxed vibe. Currently with my new draft, I have an Intro, and a 16-bar Verse that leads into the chorus. I had no clue what to do for vocals, so after some reccomendations, I decided to break out my pen and pad and begin writing with the chorus on cycle mode. My voice was a bit scratchy when I recorded my vocals, so a plug-in was much needed (ended up applying a telephone voice-over plugin).

Moving forward, I have some change-ups that I want to add, along with a few other sounds before I begin final EQ/mixdown. The vocals I have now are temporary, so I need to finish writing/recording, and then focus on polishing this track up.

From the Dochtermann Chap. 2 reading, I’ve learned to properly label each track and arrange them in proper order, preparing them for final mix down. It was also cool learning about microphone techniques and acoustics, and how sound quality makes all the difference in a track. I look forward to getting more deeper into the mixing aspect because that is where I feel I need the most coaching (I am never satisfied with my mix, and I want to learn how to make my tracks have that full/wide sound.


John Stanesa Loop Draft 2

I tried to add some more content to my song in this draft. I think that the new instruments I added make the song more interesting. I would still like to work on the transitions, so that the parts do not feel so choppy.

I did not use the reading for this section, as I have yet to record any original audio.

Sunyoung Jun Loop Draft 2

Here is my second draft.

This is completely different then my first draft. I flipped my whole draft one because I could not seem to add any voice to it.MY draft too sort of has a happy feel to it.

I still have a lot of editing(trial and error) things to work on.

The Dochtermann helped me the basic important thing about recording, EQ, and more.

The logic lessons helped me get the idea of recording and editing.

BAsics of recording

Room Set up

Important things about Microphone


Erin McNeil; Loop Draft 2

Here is the second draft for the loop project.  The rhythm makes it difficult to put actual words to the music and makes it even worse when you try to add Spanish to it.  The Dochtermann taught me about the idea of punching in and out for audio recording as well as how the quality of the equipment and idea can result in a good final product.   The logic lesson helped with figuring out how to plug in a mic for recording and the editing that can be done for vocals, such as altering the sound of it.  Overall a lot of editing still needs to be done as well as re-recording the vocals.