Faith’s Loop Final

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Here is my ugly baby I am throwing into your faces. This class/project has pushed me so far out of my comfort zone, which is a good thing! The final is completely different from my draft. I wrote my lyrics after my draft and the mood did not fit my lyrics. This is my first completed project using Logic and the readings were extremely helpful. Especially the readings on recording. Before this project I had no idea how hard writing a song truly was. I really struggled coming up with a melody to go along with my lyrics.

Don’t Take My Love


You were hurting and weak

Alone, you cried, couldn’t speak

Asked for somebody to carry you right over the peak

Dragged you up on my shoulders

Fought your demons with you

All at once shoved me back – said I’m finished we’re through

Saying goodbye – I’ll handle that

Telling me lies – you know I’ll handle that

Throw your sticks and your stone – I’ll put up my shield

But I can’t forget your choice – you lead my love into danger


Don’t take my one true love

You’ll break my one true love

She needs her one true love

You need real true love


God where are You now

Said You’d always be beside me

Fighting my battles when they were so close beside me

Be my right hand

I wanna fight with my hands

My bones are aching from this mental picture at hand

Be her protection in the valley of the shadow

Deliver her from the fear of the fowler

Command Your angels to be her guard and her shield

I’m calling on You to help her momma be healed


Chorus 2:

God take my one true love

You’ll heal my one true love

Show her one true love

In You is real true love


Gabe loop final

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alrightyyy then. heres my final loop project. called La Cumbia de Loops. Its a ridiculous composition with many beautiful aspects to it. I promise.

I used apple loops, software instruments, vocals, and audio from the song Candela by buena vista social club. Theres lots of automation and cool things.

There isn’t really lyrics, but there is still some talking.

First audio: Estamos en el club de bile, y vamos a turn the fuck up.

Second audio: Buenas noches seniorita!

Buenas noches hombre hermoso extrano

Me llamo Juan’david’daniel’jose’flores el tercer, tu quieres bilar?

si me gusta bilar mucho

bueno, vamos a la pista de bile!

Third audio: No me chinges. Pero papi!

Danny’s Loop Project – “Did You Feel It”

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This song is called “Did You Feel It” and it is about the first time you see someone when you fall in love. At the top of the image I have my FX and risers. Then below that in yellow I have my vocals. Below that in red are group tracks of my synths, and below that (blue and green) I have my groove tracks. Then at the very bottom, also in blue and green, I have my drums. The readings influenced my song in that they enabled me to master and arrange my tracks in order to keep me from getting them mixed up and confused. I also learned how to use some of the plugins in logic from reading the readings, which I used in this song as well.


Tell me did you feel it did you feel it,   Tell me how you felt when I caught your eye

Cause girl I was going so insane,   Had butterflies all up in my brain

Did you feel it, did you feel it girl


Tell me, did you feel it, cause girl I can’t get you off of my mind

Tell me, did you feel it, cause girl I can’t get you off of my mind


Feel the fire rise inside,   This love has got me going crazy

I think I’ve lost my mind

Tell me did you feel it did you feel it,   Tell me how you felt when I caught your eye

Cause girl I was going so insane,   Had butterflies all up in my brain

Did you feel it, did you feel it girl


Tell me, did you feel it, cause girl I can’t get you off of my mind

Tell me, did you feel it, cause girl I can’t get you off of my mind



Elias Ingea – Loop Project Final

So this is completely different from the first draft that I uploaded. I hope you like it. I don’t have lyrics because I decided that I really wanted to put a monolog that Aziz Ansari had on SNL. I was going to speak the monologue rather than edit his but I was really out of it these last few weeks due to having 8 interviews almost everyday of the week. Hopefully you guys still enjoy it.

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Brian Goulet – Loop Project Final

Goulet - First Loop Final

When I first started my loop draft, I used a calm piano for the base. I then used it to stack my chorus on top to quickly establish the mood of the song. In doing this, I managed to build a simple, yet clean first draft but was then challenged when it came to finishing my final project. I ended up deciding to switch up the instruments when my verse came in so it was a fun little challenge in adapting the rhythm of my vocals to fit the change. You can’t see it in the screen, but I also added automation – shoutout to the Apple Pro Lessons again because I learned that the “a” key is the shortcut for animation. Beforehand, I was completely lost because I have no experience with Logic, or even music for the matter. The Pro Lessons also taught me how to use the keyboard to create my own instrumental loops (the green tracks). When it came to writing the lyrics for my verse it took just as long as it did to create my loops. I’ve learned that coming up with vocals that match your loops/instruments is not easy (go figure). All in all I survived and in the end, I feel good about this being my first Logic Loop ever.



Why don’t you just be yourself

Yo don’t need to go through Hell

I don’t need nobody else

(Scream) I don’t need nobody else

Verse 1

I don’t need nobody else so don’t you straight up lie to me

I understand your hiding things But that don’t clear your history

So talk to me

About the way we used to be

Before we broke so easily

Before we lived so sinfully

Before we lost our dignity

We used to live for everything

We never lost our sanity

But now you’re lost in vanity

Eating up insanity


Why don’t you just be yourself

Yo don’t need to go through Hell

I don’t need nobody else

(Scream) I don’t need nobody else

Cruisin- Ethan’s Final Loop Project

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 1.19.34 PMScreen Shot 2017-02-09 at 1.34.51 PM

Alrighty guys I have finally added some vocals to this thang! I kinda have an old school flow for the verses and some singing and harmonies for the chorus and bridge. Definitely pleased as to how well I was able to record them, shoutout to Alex for helping me in the studio. I edited some of my previous automations, and instead of using different tracks for panning I used the automation settings and switched it from volume to panning to get smoother sounding panning. I also added some extra instrument loops to spice up some things in the background, as well as giving emphasis to certain parts in the 2nd verse. The readings  definitely help me automate and mix my song better than what I originally had.The readings also helped me write almost a story with my song and that can clearly be seen in the first verse, and my bridge is a clear summary of my song which is crusin. I also used compression and reverb on some vocal tracks as well as reverb on some instrument loops.


Verse 1

Long Nights and I’m cruisin in the whip
hop in my o3 volvo it’s a stick
seat reclines and my seatbelt clicks
bouta get it in, keys turn now lets dip
1st gear to 2nd man that’s easy
one day ill have myself a supercar i will be 6 speed
my speed exceeds the speed limits that I see
but I love the pedal to metal feeling under my feet
got the music blaring feel the base boom
rubber burning tires turning zoom zoom
love the backroads driving down the flumes
shoutout tail of the dragon the road of doom


Cruisin is this the thang for me
i love cruisin in my car at higher speeds
acting like i got a place to be
speed limits aint got nothin on me
windows down and I feel the breeze
Im just cruising cant ya see

Verse 2

driving fast staying focused is the goal
I got the waze app to avoid police patrols
I don’t think it safe for me to drive slow
slow driving puts me to sleep and im not drying to dose
off off to sleep off the road this rebel kind of lifestyle is the lifestyle that I chose
for myself and no one else
and when I feeling low. guess what cruisin helps
the part I love the most is the the thrill
high speed driving takes a special kind of skill
I have the skill ,yeah I am the real deal
I feel like the man of steel when i get behind the wheel


Cruisin Cruisin Cruisin ohhhh


Final Loop Project – Brooke Preas

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 1.23.25 PM

My Song is called Float Away. Since I submitted my draft, I have added and changed a few things. I added automation throughout and a new loop. I also added vocals, which turned out to be the hardest part of this project. I am not a fan of singing in front of people and the idea of having to listen to myself sing along with the whole class made the whole process of writing lyrics and recording them difficult. I am not a singer, but I think I did the best with what I had.

Like I said when I submitted my draft, all of this is very new to me. I have always played musical instruments, but have never explored the world of composing my own music. All of the logic lessons helped me out with learning how to use the program, but I think the reading that I found the most useful was the songwriting reading from week 2. I spent a lot of time listening to music the past few weeks. I’ve sat down with now distractions and listened to my favorite songs, trying to figure out what made them my favorite. I found it strange that my end product for this project ended up sounding nothing like the music I usually listen to due to this.


The ground below

is dragged in tow

by cold waves

I float away.

Sing 2x

Loop Project Final – Sam Trudeau

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 11.36.28 PM

This song was challenging mostly due to the parameters of having to primarily use loops. Once I came up with some cool ideas with loops, I realized I didn’t have much of a song rather a lot of musical ideas crammed together. I then moved things around and cut out some parts to make things flow better.

The most challenging part about this project were the vocals. I’m not very good at singing, so I had to do a good bit of pitch correction and editing to make them sound somewhat decent.

The readings helped me use Logic more efficiently. I already knew how to do a majority of the things that the readings explained, but having picked up a couple tips and tricks from the readings made the whole process go smoother.


Taking a new step into unknown

Hiding from my past and from my home

I now know why I’m so far from you

This is my only time to move on

I’ve come so far from my lonely past

Every day I see reasons to live

Now I’m my true self for the first time

Take in each breath and smell every flower

Taylor Loop Final


This version of my loop project has mainly additions when compared to the first draft. I added a second bass part in to complement the piano sections to add a fullness to the sound. In addition I added a short vocal section and some audio fx to the main baseline and some of the synth accents. The readings influenced this new version of my project by helping to show me how to tweak the sounds of various tracks as well as helping me decide how to split the songs in to multiple sections and how to get the sections to flow together.

Dizzy – Victoria Beasley

Here is my final version of the loop project!  It hasn’t changed much from the draft except for the addition of vocals, changing of the outro, and mixing. I really struggled with recording vocals I liked, and then putting a good effect on them, but, hey, the 20th time’s the charm, right? The logic lessons really helped me with keyboard shortcuts and navigating the program, as well as understanding what I was doing. The final product has 5 different audio tracks, 6 MIDI tracks, and one recorded vocal track. I’ve got an intro, outro, and 1 verse.